Decor: Baby Lachey Nursery

If I had just one wish that I would give up anything for, it would be to be a mommy. I pray and dream of that one day…and that one wish of mine will someday soon come true…in the meantime, I can admire a nursery and picture what I would do different for my future babies! I love, love decor and I spend way too much time looking up houses, architect and of course, see how people decorate their homes I stumbled on Vanessa Lachey’s blog and she did a post about her son’s nursery and I was in love! I just found it to be so beautiful and perfect for a newborn. I love how soft. calming and serene the room is and the pieces she chose that completes the room perfectly.

By the way, how insanely beautiful of a couple are Nick and Vanessa? I did a post about them a while back about their wedding. I just find them to be so perfect together and they have the most beautiful son, Camden and just welcomed a new born baby girl named Brooklyn, we have yet to see but can only imagine how beautiful she is! I met Vanessa years ago when she was a host on TRL and she was SO sweet and just as beautiful in person and has been a ‘girl crush’ of mine ever since.

What do you guys think of the cozy nursery? Are you expecting and looking for nursery inspiration?


Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Home Tour: Camden’s Nursery

Decor: Baby Lachey Nursery

Style Evolution: Kim Kardashian Front Row Fashion

At the Givenchy Fall 2015 show

At the Lanvin fall 2015 show

At the Robert Geller fall 2015 show

At the Balmain spring 2015 show

At the Lanvin spring 2015 show

At the Valentino Haute Couture 2014 show

At the Stephane Rolland Haute Couture 2014 show

At the Givenchy spring 2014 show

At the Givenchy fall 2013 show

At the Valentino Haute Couture 2012 show

At the Kanye West fall 2012 show

At the Vera Wang spring 2012 show

At the Charlotte Ronson fall 2011 show

At the Jill Stuart spring 2011 show

At the Beach Bunny Swim 2011 show

At the Badgley Mischka spring 2010 show

At the Tracy Reese spring 2010 show

At the Jill Stuart spring 2010 show

At the Badgley Mischka fall 2009 show

At the Alice + Olivia fall 2009 show

At the Tracy Reese fall 2009 show

At the Y-3 fall 2009 show

At the Jessica Simpson Swim 2007 show

At the Becca Swim 2007 show

At the Badgley Mischka Swim 2007 show

At the Alvin Valley fall 2007 show

At the Heatherette fall 2007 show

At the Pegah fall 2007 show

At the Nicole Romano fall 2007 show

All these pictures from 2008 till now.

Oh Kim, Kim, Kim…we all can agree how much she has transformed since we were first introduced to her in 2007 via her sex tape – can you believe it’s been almost 10 years of the Kardashians? – her face has evolved, her ass has evolved and thanks to Kanye West her fashion has since evolved too. She was more likeable, a lot more natural, now she is very robotic, tries way too hard and it’s always just too much. She is always camera ready due to the Kardashian-Jenner contract with a paparazzi agency and photo deal with US magazine, and is always on one for the photos looking distant and clearly posing for each shot, which makes it a little more pathetic. Being with Kanye West has transformed her entire “career” – career still yet unknown – and her appearance, she is now considered a “Fashion Icon” (barf), and has all the high end designers vying to now dress her (publicity), when pre-Kanye she was shunned, she has posed for the front cover of Elle Magazine, and made history as the first reality star to grace the cover of American Vogue and has went on to do covers of Vogue Italia and Vogua Australia. She is on fire in every level. Before Kanye, she dressed normal and appeared more relatable, approachable, more real and after Kanye she is either posing naked or dressed half naked. Of course, her ass has gotten a lot bigger – I actually believe it’s fat injected to the buttox – hence why she is skinny with a small waist, thin arms and very thin legs but the ass is gigantic for no reason. Regardless, she has been the IT girl for some time now, and soon as her stardom begins to fade, she either gets married for the third time, gets knocked up by a rapper while married to a basketball player, or releases naked pictures from magazines/spreads…constantly, or just posts up half naked pictures and pics of her ass on her instagram on the regular or dyes her hair platinum blonde, like recently for three weeks just to gain attention while attending Paris fashion week…there is always something up those fame whoring sleeves. Yet regardless, she is the most famous person on the planet and people still buy into her. So, kudos to her. Homegirl is still laughing all the way to the bank.

What do you guys think of her style evolution and her transformation? There were sooo many before and after pictures, but ya’ll can go on Google to look at those. It is two different people. I saw these pictures of her front row evolution on Elle Magazine and shared it, because I know how much you love reading about her!

Style Evolution: Kim Kardashian Front Row Fashion

Styled by Ro: Go With Black

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender1Hello there! I haven’t posted in a bit, been so crazed. So, being a Brooklyn transplant in Miami, I am not down with the year round heat. I love, love winter clothes! I know I sound insane, but I truly love layering clothes and I am a true New Yorker, and I just don’t like summer attire. With fall/winter clothing, you can play with colors, accessorize with hats and scarves and even layer your leather jackets with fur vests and have fun with boots; whether it is thigh high or ankle booties. Summer is just blah, you don’t have many options. So, today the weather is in the 80’s and I woke up in a bad mood, and I am always dressed in black but this time, I just wanted to feel fuzzy and as if I was back home. As simple as this outfit was, I actually loved it and got lots of compliments. I felt SO good on the outside, as I was feeling run down and achey on the inside. I find that when I am not thinking too much about what to wear and just go with the flow, I end up feeling the best in my outfit choices, whereas when I do try hard, I end up hating my outfit and feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

A plus is at my job it is always freezing, so I am able to pull off wearing light jackets and blazers at work. This outfit was perfect for a long day, I was super comfortable and still felt stylish in the most simplest way. And it’s also great for a casual lunch/dinner if you don’t want to be too dressed up. It is a great go-to. Well, isn’t black always the best go to choice?!? When in doubt, go with black.

What is your favorite go-to outfit? That makes you feel good while being very comfortable?

What I wore:

~ Collarless Crepe Trench Coat: Forever 21, $34.90

(they still have them! they fit and feel amazzzzzzzing!!!)

~ Boxy Split-Neck Blouse: Forever 21, $14.90

~ Curvy Skinny Jeans: The Loft, $70

~ Ankle Wedge Booties: Urban Outfitters, $90

~ Tassle necklace: BiJuJu, $12

Styled by Ro: Go With Black

Song of the Week


Did you all watch the Oscars last night? I skimmed through it. It was boring, to be quiet honest. Neil Patrick Harris was OK, not great, and all I kept thinking was bring back Ellen DeGeneres! The show was long, boring and awkward at times. And might I add, the skit with his predictions locked in a box…all I kept thinking was inside the brief case in the glass box is a note telling NPH not to do the bit about the brief case in the box. The acceptance speeches all had  a lot of great and powerful messages. My favorite line was Julienne Moore thanking her husband and telling him “Thank you for giving me a home.” had me in tears. Anyway, my favorite part of the night was John Legend and Common ‘s performance. My two favorite artists joined together and wrote a beautiful song for the movie SELMA. I was brought to tears and replayed it twice, and downloaded the song on iTunes quickly after. They both are such great examples and great leaders, they both have won numerous Grammy awards respectively, and recently won a Golden Globe and now an Oscar together for their song “GLORY”. SO happy for them, so very well deserved! And I loved their speech. You can tell they knew their win was a lot bigger than the both of them.

And since its Monday, my MCM goes to Common. The way he looks, the way he speaks and the way he carries himself is so intriguing and super sexy.


Song of the Week

Best Dressed: Oscar 2015

Beautiful: The gown blended into Jennifer's bronzed and sun-kissed skin tone, but was surely hard-work whilst working the event

Putting up a very good fight: J-Lo remains lady-like as she manages the huge trail on her beautiful designer dress

Train trip: Jennifer's voluminous skirts impeded her exit from the limousine but fortunately she had a helping hand from the valets


All the glory goes to my fashion icon, and someone who constantly exudes Hollywood glamor and never ever misses when it comes to fashion and the red carpet. She can do no wrong, and I sound repetitive because every time she comes out on the red carpet, I choose her as my favorite dressed and I have ran out of words to describe her effortless style and beauty. She always gets it on point from the hair, to the makeup and accessories. I love this Elie Saab dress on her. Its a different look for her because the dress isn’t body fitted and its a lot of dress for someone who has a body like hers, but she gets it and she switches it up. And I just loved everything about this look. She was glowing, the dress was flowy and she stole the night. Jenny is that one and only girl who made it up from the block and to the top.

Cate Blanchett in a black Maison Margiela dress with a turquoise necklace. I love black with pops of color, and I loved this look. One word: Elegant.

Carmen Ejogo. Wore a Houghton shimmering dress. I love Hollywood Glamor, and I love the choker necklace and her soft makeup and the dark lips. She looked beautiful.

Faith Hill looked beautiful in a J Mendel dress. It is very age appropriate and she looked breathtaking.

Chrissy Teigen, Sports Illustrated model and wife of John Legend, showed off a little too much flesh, breaking the 'legs or chest' rule in this glitzy gown plunging gown

Another favorite of mine, Chrissy Teigen, always looks beautiful on carpet. I love the hair, the makeup. Simply stunning in her high slit plunging Zuhair Murad gown. This was my second favorite look of the night.

Emma Stone looked green with envy in her Elie Saab gown. Love the dress, I hated the hair.

Margot Robbie looked gorgeous in her black Saint Laurent dress. I love how simple this looks, you can’t go wrong with black. I love the red lips, I am just not crazy about the necklace. It would have looked better without it.

If you can’t tell by now, I love old Hollywood glamor, and I love a long sleeve dress!

What did you guys think? Disagree with my best dress choices?


Best Dressed: Oscar 2015