Look of the week

Hot mama! The reality star looked fantastic as she strolled out into the summer air

I know, another post, another Kardashian! But this tribe is constantly in the press with paparazzi following them everywhere they go for their daily photo ops. Of all the celebs in the world, they are the only ones who are constantly in the news still obsessing over holding on to the spotlight. They have had a deal with a paparazzi agency and US magazine, to assure they stay relevant, and honestly, it’s so easy to talk about them since they give us all so much to talk about! I especially love when the paps are there for North West dance classes or going to the movies in private areas in Calabases, as Kim is dressed up and posing for the pics acting oblivious, as she then posts up the pictures on social media. Whether we are making fun of them or obsessing over their outfit, like I do both, they are what we all have to talk about because no one else in Hollywood is as fame hungry.

This time Kourtney Kardashian showed off both her outfit and her rarely seen baby in all matching denim. I am OBSESSED with this look! I love Kourtney’s effortless style; she dresses for comfort in the most stylist and chicest ways possible. I am obsessed with all things fringe – fringe jackets/fringe shoes/fringe bags – and I love a denim cut off shorts and it sucks that I am not comfortable enough in my skin to wear them…one day, though! I love how you can dress the shorts up or down and can be used as such a staple in any outfit you are trying to create. I am loving the design of the white top and being paired with the cut off shorts and Saint Laurent booties and finishing it off with the brown fringe bag…it’s an outfit designed for effortless perfection! Like I always say, less is always more and simplicity is everything. I love comfortable, casual and effortless outfits like this. And Kourtney does it the best. You don’t have to be in heels to be dressed up. An Outfit like she is wearing can go from all day to night – being with your kids or running errands to going out to dinner with friends. Love, love, love.

And how adorable is little Penelope’s matching outfit? With the white knit top and shorts and the rarely seen baby Reign with the all denim. So cute!


Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is still going for ridiculous outfits while pregnant. How many more trench coats and tight ankle length dresses can one possibly wear? In her case, every day in different colors with high heels, expect this time, she finally ditched the heels and went with Alaia flats. This outfit is terrible. Look at the difference between Kourtney and Kim’s style – Kourtney goes for the comfortable chic mom style as Kim goes for the constant ultra glam. I would love to see Kim in comfortable durable stylish outfits, and stop seeing her trying way too hard with really bad repetitive outfits. What I love is when Kourtney is seen with her kids it’s always comfort, and she is seen without her kids, she goes for glam and heels. She switches styles from mom to hot mom. Kim is in her own world self-absorbed of Kim and we have yet to see her switch to the mom hat because even when we see her with child she is posing for the photographs and wearing ridiculous outfits with making sure North is seen and her outfit is photographed as well.



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