WCW: Style Crush


OLIVIA PALERMO: I am in love with Olivia’s style. I fell in love with her impeccable style after seeing her on the show THE HILLS on MTV years ago. I still don’t know exactly what it is that she does, but I know she’s born rich, she’s beautiful, stylish, and a socialite and that was enough to snatch a seat in the spotlight. She is a staple in fashion shows, fashion magazines and I am pretty sure she is every girl’s style crush! She also has a hot hubby! They are perfection together! They are equally fashionable and suit each other so well. And every time you see them out walking or posing for the red carpet they constantly look as though they are coming out of a fashion ad!

Her style is classic, clean, sleek, all American, chic and effortless. Even when she is dressed down in flats running around Manhattan, she still manages to look so fresh and stylish. She knows fashion, and fashion knows her and they suit each other well. Whether it is street style or she is sitting front row in high end designer fashion shows, no one does it better than her and the photographers love shooting pictures of her.

There are SO many to chose from and way too many pictures too share of her stylin’ on everyone. I’ve written about her in the past, but that was then, and she is still an absolute favorite of mine when it comes to style and fashion.



Olivia and her husband Johannas Huebl eloped last year and she looked insanely beautiful and effortless in a Carolina Herrera two-piece, Manolo Blahnik shoes,  and a messy ponytail. Can you imagine how scrumptious and adorable their little baby will be?!



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