Hair: Top Knot Buns


I like big buns and I cannot lie!

A perfectly perky top knot needs to start with a ponytail ā€“ but resist twisting it and turning it into a bun. “That’s what you would naturally do, but you actually need to tie your hair into a knot,” celeb hairstylst (and The Glam App founder) Maalouf says. Take the entire ponytail and wrap it around your two fingers and then loop the end through the hole you created to make an actual knot around the rubber band. Then pin the ends of the ponytail inside the knot, or wrap them around the base and pin.

I am so obsessed with top knot buns! I love them sleek and I love them messy! The higher the bun the closer to God, right?! In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with opting for the high bun, it serves as the best accessory to any outfit. On lazy days when I don’t feel like straightening my hair I head to work with a bun and go and when I do have my hair straight I go to sleep with a tight bun and wake up with natural waves. I love pony tails too, in general I like when hair is sleek and swept away from your face to showcase your features. Your cheek bones tend to pop out and your makeup stands out more. The sleek style gives a more dressed up, elegant vibe, and the messy bun (which is my favorite) gives off a fun, edgy vibe that is so versatile in terms of any outfit you wear.

J.Lo has been all about the bun life for a while. I remember years ago during the J.Lo and Ja Rula era, Jennifer Lopez was the first to have her hair styled in a bun in their “I Am Real’ music video and she has been rocking the hair style for years, until it finally became a popular trend just a few years ago and a staple in fashion shows. She has styled the top knot is SO many different ways. Way too many pictures to choose from, so head over to Google and type in Jennifer Lopez bun.



I also love it on brides! Hilary Duff was the first one to do it and she did it so well! I love that it has become a trend for brides, and one day when I get married, there is no other choice for me but to style my hair in a top knot.




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