Look of the week

We have all seen Kim Kardashian evolve..style wise. I respect the fact she is always changing up her looks and taking risks. During her pregnancy she received a lot of flack for her weight gain and for what she is wearing but in the public’s defense she never chose any flattering outfits to compliment her pregnancy and her curves. Still, doesn’t make it right that a pregnant woman should ever be criticized for her weight – pregnant or not. I touched on it on a previous post here: https://damitaro.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/look-of-the-week-55/

Since she began dating Kanye West is when her fashion game stepped up to another level. He has transformed her into high fashion. It’s hard to even take that seriously and a lot of times she looks forced but she is Kim Kardashian and regardless of we like her or not – we pretty much all don’t like her or her fake, media manipulator family, right?, the media is still obsessing over her and her stardom is at it’s peak being with Kanye West. His mission is to transform her into morphing into a Victoria Beckham. Since she gave birth, she thankfully hid away for a little bit but unfortunately she is back in the scene, paparazzi on speed dial and magazines to take over again.

Her style changed yet again since giving birth to her daughter. Once known for tight, revealing outfits, she scaled back her risque looks and gearing for more high fashion labels and looks. I also don’t think Kim is comfortable NOT showing her body, unlike some of us classy ladies, she is all about sex appeal and showing off cleavage and making sure her ass is spanxed, tight and right.

Here are a few pictures of her since giving birth:

Sept. 3, 2013

Like many new moms, they want to transform their look to feel better about themselves after popping out a bambino. I actually think the blonde hair looks good on her, it’s a huge change, she looks better as a brunette but still she is pulling it off. I also like this toned down look. She looks like a mom, she looks comfortable still stylish  Hopefully we’ll see many more looks of her toned down and looking like a mom.

Sept. 20, 2013

Looking relaxed and fresh she looked white hot in this white ensemble with a long pale pink coat by Celine and adorable pale pink Azzedine Alaia heels. Another look I love, all though I think it would have looked much better without the coat – especially since it’s still 90 degrees in LA. It looks vibrant and chic.

I am loving this army-green jumpsuit and nude Saint Laurent heels. Even though she left half it unbuttoned, it’s still a sexy look for a mama.

Wearing all denim with the pink coat by Celine. I am not cray about this look, I would’ve liked it better without the coat. I would’ve maybe just added a leather jacket instead, with her wearing it, I like the over shoulders jacket look but it doesn’t go with everything. Again, her cleavage is on full display.

 Celebrity arrivals at the premiere of the 'Mademoiselle C' Documentary in Paris, France.

Okay, I actually LOVE this look but NOT on her. As a mom, you can still look sexy but not like this. It’s too sexy, to revealing. She is 33 year old, and call me old-fashioned but I don’t think it’s necessary for her to wear something like that at her age. It’s a Givenchy black cut out dress. There is too much going on for her, the boobs and the stomach. She looks great indeed but I think it would be refreshing her to see her covered up more, and transform her style to still high fashion but classy and toned down as a new mom. I also wouldn’t have left my 3 month old new born back home being taken care of by nannies while I parade around Paris for a week for fashion week But that’s just me. Still look sexy but in a more classier way, that is all.


Also, lets touch on the paparazzi subject – all we see is Kanye spazzing out on them, but the one he is with is known to call the paps, stage photos, has a photographer with her in all her vacations and sell them to magazines. All she has complained about on their reality show is how the paps are hassling her, why call them to snap the photos in private and then cry wolf to the public? They love the limelight and the attention, everywhere and anywhere they go the paps are there. So why complain? Also, all you see them put up on their twitters, instagrams and website are images taken by the paparazzi..so if you detested them this much, why use their images?


Oh, and I had to add this! The so called “natural” “no plastic surgery” looks very different and I don’t think make up is all that powerful to transform a persons face dramatically.

Version one: Kim with Nick Cannon in 2006Kim Kardashian seen out in Paris this evening after the premiere

The transformation begins: Kim in 2007Kim Kardashian in 2011



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