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Kim Kardashian wore a Rachel Pally dress this week and I love it now and loved it then when Kourtney Kardashian wore it when she was recently pregnant with her second child. Actually, I think Kourtney had one of the best maternity styles I’ve seen, she was always on point unlike Kim. Kourtney is actually one of my favorite dressed of the sisters. I love flowy dresses on pregnant women, its chic, comfortable and shows the bump beautifully.

Even though I am not a Kardashian fan, I don’t agree with the mean blogs and tabloids commenting on Kim’s weight during her pregnancy. She isn’t the first famous pregnant women the media does this too, Jessica Simpson got the worst end of it and many others as well. But give a Kardashian an inch in any kind of media headlines, they’ll take the whole mile.  I don’t think it’s fair or right to comment on a women’s weight in general, whether she is skinny or over weight. I especially don’t agree when the woman is pregnant. Our bodies go through so much, we are constantly fluctuating, dieting, loosing and gaining and we have the pressure of everyone and everything around us to look a certain way. We are constantly reminded of how beauty should look like. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life, you try to stay healthy but in the end you are eating for two, or three. You have a craving, go for it. You have the rest of your life to be skinny and loose the weight. I see the tabloids and they are constantly showing these women eating and commenting on how they shouldn’t eat that, pictures of them without make up and comparing before and after and how much better they look with make up or comment on the wrinkles and flaws and pictures of them in bikinis and highlighting the cellulite, if they put on or lost weight and it just never ends. For those of us that aren’t famous, we hear it from our family and friends. We constantly pick ourselves apart and wish we looked differently. I find myself wondering when will it end? When can women just be free and remove the weight of the world on our shoulders and just be happy with ourselves.

Now, I have to say Kim’s maternity style has been off. I think she is struggling to find what looks good on her body while still trying to show off her body. We all know how much she loves the figure hugging clothing that shows off her cleavage and her ass-set. Also, I’ve been to Los Angeles many times in so many months and it is always hot, even when it’s chilly it’s warm. She is always seen wearing leather jeans, skirts and blazers, too much for such warm weather. It is fine choosing to wear one of these items but by doing it the right way. I would pair a leather jeans with a flowy chiffon top, a blazer with tights and a loose tank top and skirts to show off the bump and doesn’t look to tight. I dislike when pregnant women wear clothes that are way too tight and heels that are way too high.

 I also think she is trying too hard to be “high fashion” and following Kanye‘s footsteps with outrageous outfit choices. She is also very self-absorbed and worries too much on how she looks, before it still came off effortless and now its way too much effort. She is trying hard to conceal the weight gain by wearing clothes she would normally wear if she wasn’t pregnant – the tight dresses, leather jeans and tight skirts. Kanye’s input clearly is shown through her new style. He sure is obsessed with fashion but for him and  Kim to both be considered fashion designers is such a joke…that’s another story. She changed her stylists and has lost her fashionable ways since being with Kanye. I liked her style pre-Kanye. So during her pregnancy, she has made herself look bigger than she is by what she is choosing to wear. The dress she wore this week was one of the best looks I’ve seen her in since being pregnant. She looked beautiful, comfortable and showed her best accessory, the baby bump!

So if you are pregnant, choose comfort and style. Now style before comfort. Have fun with your bump and go with maxi dresses for day to-night. I can’t wait to be pregnant (when I am married) (or in Kim’s case, married and pregnant with the same man), I think maternity dressing would be fun and a special time in your life that you are only blessed with for just a small number of times, so it’s an exciting experience to watch your belly grow and try different clothing you normally wouldn’t wear.




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