Jersey Shore: Fist pumpin’ to our hearts

The whole country is amused with the cast of Jersey Shore. They are pure entertainment, for some reason we enjoy watching them get drunk, fist pump, party and hook up. Their personalities mesh well and they are hilarious. I’m from New York so I know people from New Jersey and Staten Island and this is really how some of them act!

Nothing will top season one. They were being themselves, not jaded by fame and money yet. They didn’t try hard to say the funniest thing and come up with the best catch phrases. They were getting to know one another, while we were getting to know them. We saw Mike ‘The Situation’ have a situation with sweetheart Sammi, go through a  few grenades and showed us to be cocky and confidence. Snooki and her poof getting punched by an asshole in a bar and then get hit again, and again by grenades. After Ronnie vowing never to fall in love in the Jersey shore, sure enough he did and he fell for the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet Sammie, after Sammie kissed Mike and didn’t like it. We saw her get traumatized from Ronnie after he softly push her shoulders away when he was fighting someone on the shore. Then Pauly gets stalked and Jenny dressing trashy and Vinny being…quite. Oh! How can we forget Angelina brining her trash bags of cloths to the house and cock blocking the boys.

They’ve fist pumped their way to our hearts. Season one stirred up controversy abut the perception of Italian Americans and it became a huge phenomenon, Snooki and her poof and Mike with his situation became the biggest celebs. Mike managed to gross $5million in just one year from endorsements and new ventures.

Now as we watch the second season, the cast is a bit more tense with each other, last season they were getting along well but when fame and fortune come in the picture and only three of them are getting all the attention of course tension will rise. All we hear about is Mike, Snooki and J.Wow. We’re watching Sammi get played by Ronnie and them trying make it work, Angelina is back and this time she came with luggage but is still annoying and fake. Snookie and Jenni are the best buds and do everything together. Mike is rather quiet so far, but he showed us how sweet he can be. Vinny found his voice and Pauly D is still getting lucky with girls without having to try. Fights, drama, hookups and alcohol sure makes for great tv.

My favorite guy is Pauly D. He is so sweet, he’s always there for his friends. He doesn’t get in drama, doesn’t fight with anyone and has an adorable personality. Oh and I also like Vinny! He’s a cutie!

My favorite girl is of course Snookie. She’s a tiny fire cracker. She’s in her own snookie-world but she manages to be there for her friends.  Jenni is the prettiest girl. She’s a ride or die chick for her friends also, you gotta love that!

My least favorite is of course Angelina. She is so annoying! I actually saw her last February at the Staten Island mall. I was with my cousin’s wife and we went to Forever 21 and she was their with a guy. She had huge sunglasses on and didn’t want to be seen. No one even cared. She then asks the sales associate if she can clear the fitting room for her so she can try on clothes in peace. She carried herself like the “Kim Kardashian of Staten Island” failing to realize she’s “the dirty hamster from Staten Island.”.

Now not one of them has any sense of style! I wish I can give each of them a make over, expect for Angelina she can kick rocks. I hate how they dress! Ed Hardy is in insult to be considered a fashion designer label, the gelled hair has to go and the choice of dresses these girls wear is just hideous! I’m convinced that Jenny buys her clothes from the hooker shops, Snookie’s dresses are actually shirts and Sammie never runs out of plain tank tops and short shorts. The guys need to stop with the vests, thin ties and fedoras. It hurts my eyes when I see them and see what they’re wearing.

They need a make over ASAP! I meannn, just look at some of this disaster!

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