High Boots & Army Jackets: Sir, Yes Sir!

Every girl needs a pair of comfortable boots. We have our Uggs to keep our feet warm and thigh high flat boots to be chic while also being comfy!

I’m really into flat thigh-high boots. They go with everything and they’re super comfortable. Whether you’re casual wearing jeans with a white tee and a cardigan, or trying to be effortless and sleek with a blazer, a silk over sized top and a statement necklace or going to school or shopping at comfort with leggings, a long v-beck t-shirt and a leather jacket. The boot is  an accessory on its own, so you can dress it up or down or put together your outfit around the boot.

I don’t like boots with shorts, skirts or dresses. But for some reason I don’t mind it when it’s with a pair of flat thigh-high boot – depending on the outfit! Sometimes the ripped shorts with the flat boots  gives a bohemian vibe. Also note that wearing a mini dress or skirt with the heeled boots  can look sort of ‘trashy’. I love a high-heeled thigh high boot with jeans and a cute top, scarf and a blazer but these boots can definitely be sexy and it can easily be too sexy if worn incorrectly.  Before they became the new muse of the fashion set, thigh highs were largely reserved for hookers and strippers!

I actually like it better when the heeled thigh high boots are suede and not it being leather (depending on the style of it). It makes a big difference!

1) Thigh High boots are a statement piece. They speak volumes by themselves. Do not overload on loud pieces when you wear your boots, because it will be overdone. There is nothing worse than someone who looks like they are trying to rock their thigh highs. It should look effortless.

2) Avoid wearing overly sexy pieces with your thigh highs.  An ultra-mini cut off skirt or a mini dress is not the ideal match for these boots.

3) Do not do a high-heeled boots that is exaggerated. This is the easiest way to go from sexy to slutty in less than 60 seconds.  Try modest, hidden platforms to keep some sophistication.



Army Jackets:

I’m obsessed with the army utility jackets right now with over sized pockets now. They are reporting for duty and they are a “must have” fashion trend this coming season! Not only are they a stylish jacket that keeps you warm and still looking trendy during winter, when the summer air turns into a chilly breeze at night, they’re also great to throw over floral dresses or wear with skinny jeans. You can belt it, layer it, dress it up…you can’t go wrong with it. It’s worth it, it will always be in your closet and it’ll never be outdated.

Utilitarian Vest: Inspired by the army jacket, the vest is also a must have. It’s the best layering piece that will literally go with anything. I recently wore one for my birthday in California. I kept it simple, with all black,silver leafed statement necklace and gladiator heels. I got it from New York & Co. for $78.00

My favorite looks for the fall are army greens, khakis, cargo pockets, and heavy metals with added gilded accents. It’s not intended for camouflage or fishing– quite the opposite– this utilitarian look is all about getting noticed!

I’ll defiantly be including more of my favorite trends soon!


3 thoughts on “High Boots & Army Jackets: Sir, Yes Sir!

    1. Yes! As I said you have to be careful with how you wear thigh high boots because they can sort of look a bit trashy. I don’t like dresses, mini dresses or skirts with thigh high boots, especially they’re leather! You really to be be careful how you wear it. It just wasn’t a nice look. As for Kourtney, she dressed casual and the boots look cute with the cut off shorts.

      Do you like both? Or like Khloe’s better than Kourtneys?
      Thanks for coming and leaving me a comment! So appreciated! Keep coming back ‘:)

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