Kim Kardashian: Selling your soul to the devil is not worth the price

Probably one of the most stupidest thing I have ever written – but don’t judge me, I had 3 hours to spare at work. I didn’t even proof read this, going to pretend this post doesn’t exist after I publish. Now Kim this is depressing, not a publicity stunt gone wrong.

First of all, Ryan Seacrest and Kris Jenner will NEVER run out of story lines. They are spinning this right now for a spin off.

I really didn’t want to talk about Kardashians for a while, even if they had an outfit on I would die for. I am trying to tune them out and pretend they don’t exist but it’s hard to do. I wasn’t going to talk about the divorce but there is so much to say and they are not going away! I don’t need to cover everything, you already know whats going on because Kris Jenner is on a never-ending promo tour about the divorce and every few seconds we have new information from “sources” that is coming from the Kardashian camp to make Kim look like she was in a miserable marriage and for the media to give her a break from the scrutiny she is receiving.

It’s hard to believe that she didn’t make a dime of her wedding since she gets paid for everything, like tweeting, blogging, appearances, shopping and for everything else. Kris Jenner and Kim kardashian really think the public is as dumb as Kris Humphries. They have fooled the media long enough, hopefully now the fans and media can see through them and say enough is enough with them. Oh but there is a catch to that, Kris Jenner will never allow that to happen like she has said “irrelevance is not an option for us”.

Kim Kardashian wedding (dress) photos 2011

I think when they were going to announce the divorce they thought the public would throw a pity party for Kim since she is loved and adored by the public (that was a hard sentence to write). They didn’t expect this backlash. Now all of a sudden their stories keep changing and they are denying everything that was reported months ago that they never did anything to address. The engagement ring cost $2 million, the wedding band cost $100,000, it was a $10 million wedding and they received $18million. They also get paid by the weekly magazines that they have a contract with for the engagement exclusive where they got $300,000 for from People Magazine and a $1.5 million for the wedding pictures, bridal shower pictures in Us Magazines for $300,000, $50,000 for bachelor and bachelorette parties in Vegas and even the honeymoon also in Us Weekly for $300,000. There are also staged paparazzi shots with an agency they have a contract with that follows them everywhere they go from shopping, vacations, private planes and even have photo shoots in their homes that gets released to magazines and online blogs. They also have their never-ending endorsement deals and appearances that she gets paid over $150,000 for just a few hours. Then of course is their reality TV shows that is more of a commercial for them to endorse every product they “believe in”. Oh and she gets $15,000 to tweet and just received $1million for making an appearance in Dubai. The Kardashians are a money-making machine. When there are no headlines they make them, when no one is talking about them – which is rarely because they don’t believe in irrelevance and any press is good for them – they create rumors. What other celebrity thrives of being on headlines, fake rumors or not and what other celebrity is constantly on the tabloids, tv shows, endorsements and it just never-ending with them. They literally have the celebrity media world in the palm of their hands. They thrive of it, they ask for it and they live for it and that is why they are constantly every where. There comes a point where business and fame should come second and real life first. That is something I think Kourtney and Khloe realize and that is why you don’t see them as much. They are in stable real relationships and aren’t after the fame like Kim and don’t allow Kris Jenner to have full control of their lives.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian, her mother Kris Jenner, and a friend attend the US Open quaterfinal between spaniards Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Kim was visibly upset by the defeat of Verdasco in 3 sets. The US Open 2010 was being held at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York.

One thing Kris Jenner is other than a fame whore and pimps out her children, she is a media mastermind. She created an empire out of nothing and she turned a bad thing (sex tape) into a positive in millions of ways. Who else would turn their daughter’s sex tape and turn her into a super star. Any other mother would hide in shame and embarrassment but she has said “It was time for me to turn lemons into lemonade. We were already in discussion for a reality show, I couldn’t let this ruin it”. She knows how to twist the media; she takes the negative things they say and twirls it so make the public think it’s all wrong. When things were really quiet with Kim all of a sudden there were reports that she was emotionally and physically abused by her ex-husband, who he denied and after the interview she gave to the magazine she refused to talk about it. If it were to be true why not mention it in when the divorce happened on the divorce papers when she wasn’t famous or on an episode of their reality shows? When she and Reggie Bush broke up, they embarrassed him on national television and made it seem like Kim was the poor broken-hearted one when she drove him away from addiction to fame. He tweeted “Don’t make me expose you to those won’t don’t know you – subliminal tweet”. So she will turn this divorce backlash into something no one has ever seen – she will turn every negative thing being said and will try to twist it. Now suddenly the confirmed reports of how much they made from the wedding isn’t true, just a few days ago she was happy and in love now and out smiling with her husband, now she is playing the role of a sad divorcee. Every picture you see of her in now she is posing with sad faces. She has also said it wasn’t ideal that after they got married they lived in a 3 bed room hotel room in NYC with her sister, boyfriend and child to film their show…assholes, get your own hotel room and you chose to have that arrangement and to film right after you got married, have some common sense and stop expecting anyone to feel sorry for you. Kris sacrificed for her, filmed and hopped on the kardashian train and followed her orders but she clearly didn’t sacrifice for him. Now her trip to Australia where she is posing with a somber face and looking like she didn’t want to be there. Why she still felt the need to go out and purposely be in the throngs of people and flashing lights while “sad” is a good question though. Kim is thought to be donating $200,000 to the charity to make herself look good. Meanwhile, her momager Kris Jenner is begging for people to stop being mean and to give her privacy to deal with this and stating how much she is in pain, all while Kris J. makes the talk show rounds all week talking not about her new book, but about the divorce. Makes sense right? She even put her best skills to the test and cried on “The View”.

– Side note, Kim started dating Kris in November and no one knew of him yet, suddenly she was dating Gabriel Aubrey in November and made sure to be spotted with him, going to the Laker game with him with her mother by her side up until Halle Berry put the kaboosh on that, is when she became all about Kris again…just saying.

the article of E! looking for an athlete to date –

Jenner also said “people really don’t know the true story, so you have a lot of people making assumptions and judging us unfairly at times. And people really need to listen and just be patient and wait for everything to reveal itself.” Um…first of all, how do you expect people not to judge when you open your lives to everyone with cameras and 5 different reality shows and constant interviews and are the biggest fame whores. So she needs to stop using the don’t judge card! And what she also means by that is wait for a paid tell all interview and they are figuring out to spin this and make it seem like Kim was in a miserable situation when Kris Humphries was the only normal one that ended up being used and they most likely hired a damage control publicist. So puhlease! I really hope no one is stupid enough to buy into their lies.

Next stop on the please-leave-me-alone-while-I-continue-making-money-off-stunts train is more events throughout Australia this week, the Kardashian Khaos store opening in Vegas this week, and upon returning to the US, Kim will kick off “Kourtney & Kim Take New York” promo rounds. Some folks say she’s already started that by alluding to there being dark secrets about her marriage she’s not ready to discuss, but will be of course ready when promo time comes around.

Kris Humphries was surprised to learn of the divorce, Kris Jenner is calling him an Indian giver if he wants Kim to give the ring back. Jenner’s book came out the next day of the announcement, as well as a store in Vegas they opened and she made sure it was to be announced Monday morning when the weekly magazines meet their deadlines for the covers. It was also convient for her to be in Australia the day it was to be announced. She has done four TV interviews already and in all of them she has said she isn’t ready to discuss what happened in her marriage, meaning she is waiting for a tell all interview or waiting for when they go on a promo tour next week for K&K Take NY premiering later this month. Also the show just finished filiming last week, it takes months for a show to be ready and edited and premiered…kind of odd how they rushed it and on the promo commercial it says “They may have the world in their hands but things are going to change in a NY minute.” The show is also going to be about their relationship struggles and how they chose to take a break from their marriage, which will now probably be edited to not make it all seem like a “coincidence”. When interviewers asked her why didn’t she try to make the marriage work she said she had to follow her heart. She then made an emotional statement on her blog about she admits she rushed into something to soon because she so badly wanted a family and she realized she should have ended it before the wedding and how she got caught up in filming the show…

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Honeymoon

(Splash news online is the paparazzi agency they are signed with…yeah, we totally believe you Kim when you said that you had no privacy during your honeymoon, the paparazzi just happened to figure out where you were in the world and bombard you with photos and you had to cut your honeymoon short just because of the photographers everywhere, not because you signed a $300,000 contract and had to start filming a reality show)

If you knew your relationship isn’t working and you weren’t happy, then leave. Why cause all this chaos and hoopla about a wedding that you didn’t even believe in? Why drag everyone into this and have an outrageous wedding and register for expensive gifts? Why continue to go on interviews talking about how happy and in love you are? Why continue to film when you know it isn’t right AND why film another reality show right after you get married instead of taking the time to get to know each other and be newlyweds and film a year after just like what Khloe and Lamar did? She should have postponed filming and the date of the wedding and take some time to get to know each other or she should have just walked away. I don’t believe that she got caught up, I think she knew it was wrong all along but she wanted it to be something it wasn’t and there was a lot of money at stake to mess with. So you say you married for love and got caught up in the excitement of a wedding and the idea of love without, you know, caring about who she married or the actual marriage.

She tried to have that fairy tale and thought that everything is coming together, everything is happening for me maybe it can get better. He wasn’t what she thought he was because she wasn’t getting to know him, she was trying to make him a dream man instead of allowing reality in. She also knew she wasn’t going to be what her husband wanted and wasn’t going to move to Minnoesta where he is from, so why lead him on and make him think you are going to move when you know you don’t ever want to leave Hollywood behind. She also wanted what Khloe Kardashian-Odom had, if she can have her happily ever after all these years of a rushed romance than I can to, she wanted to be with an athlete (E! shopped for a NY athlete to date Kim & film the first season of K&K Take NY, several passed on the offer but Kris Humphries was the lucky chosen one) and she wanted so badly to be married that she probably wasn’t listening to her heart because she was busy trying to fit a picture in a frame. Everything she dreamed of in her mind was right there in front of her but what she realized is that her heart wasn’t there and you can’t force yourself to feel for something. She just wanted the family that Kourtney has and the marriage that Khloe has and I think the jealousy got the best of her, she probably could not stand to see her sisters happy and be 30 and unmarried and it drove her to desperation and a planned engagement and a wedding inspired by the William & Kate.

Also, during the proposal…it didn’t seem real. For someone who wanted so badly to be married that wasn’t a look of a woman that has been waiting for that moment. She looked at the ring before she said yes. Just before the proposal their reality show showed a vacation trip with Kris and her family, he didn’t look like he belonged and you can tell he knows it all along. They come from different worlds, he wanted a real life and she wants it all. He went from criticizing Kim and her family for being high maintenance and materialistic to suddenly wanting to marry her. For someone who talked about living modestly and away from Hollywood, how ironic he “buys” a $2million ring, where the jewelry designer is a friend of Kim and the ring happened to be something they have talked about and what Kim has always wanted.Something was always off between the two of them.

Then comes the wedding special, it didn’t look real not one bit. It was “Kim’s Fairytale” and the People magazine cover was just Kim on her alone. Even Kris said “you can’t just insert any guy as a groom and make it all about you”. She didn’t look in love and he looked like he was in a different world trying to figure out where he belongs. I think he loved her as a person not as a famous person, and that is something she always wanted. I think she loved him at first since she is in love with being in love but I don’t think she was in love with him. Also during the planning of the wedding his family was forgotten, Kris Jenner ordered cars for transporation for everyone accept his parents and sister and said “I didn’t even think about that”. About 99 percent of the wedding special was about how flawed their relationship was, we just haven’t seen a lot of love between the two. It all started o feel a little more scripted than even the usual Kardashian happenings and that is why the doubt about their engagement and marriage began.

Another fun tidbit, Kathie Lee Gifford, who has been a close family friend of the Kardashians for decades, revealed on The Today Show yesterday that she suspected something was off with the couple as they barely interacted during their August wedding rehearsal dinner. “I never saw them together the entire night,” said Kathie. Even more interesting? At the wedding reception Khloe whispered to Kathie Lee: “I give it six f ***ing months.”

She also would not have entered a “real” marriage in which she’d really need to make such sacrifices. Kim can’t be one to sit on the sidelines and support someone, she has to be the star – remember what happened when Reggie wont the super bowel? She made the biggest moment in his life all about her – maybe she saw how Lala Anthony has it all, the husband, the kid and the career and she thought she can have it all too but she just wasn’t willing to sacrifice and dim the lights on her stardom.

It is obvious her heart is still set on Reggie Bush and she tried to get over him by being under someone and she never took the time to heal a broken heart from the one guy that got away. The wedding was more of a fairy tale special than a real life wedding. She was busy making her dreams of a wedding come true than focus on a marriage. She was playing a role of a bride and not ready to be a wife. He was casted as a husband and he is now left feeling used, betrayed and heart broken and facing a tough role in his reality.

She’s already said she regrets the wedding. Wouldn’t a truly ecstatic bride be in love with her new husband think that every single moment of stress was worth it (or pretend to), and just want to talk about the glory of it all for at least a couple of months? Instead she says she wishes it never happened out loud and in a very public manner.

So after 72 days of marriage she said she used her “intuition” to decide not to try to make her marriage work but her husband Kris said he is devastated by her decision, does not believe in divorce and is hoping to try and reconcile. If you weren’t happy and already had doubts and wanted to leave the relationship…what makes ou think marriage would make I better? You had o have known this was going to end up in divorce. If she really married for love, she would have tried to make it work. Before filing for divorce and leaking info to TMZ she should have go e to where Kris lives and make a decision together, not just show up on the red Capet with him the cy before and the next day surprise him with a dioce. If she really married with pure intentions, she would have taken time off from her career and spend time with her husband and focus on their marriage and not fame. If she really wasn’t happy, what makes you think going through this huge wedding will only make it better? She should have at least tried counseling or even taking a break from one another, just do whatever it takes and really take her time to decide on what she wants rather than just giving up and give the public excuses you think they want to hear and what will make them feel sorry for you. If she really had pure intentions, she shouldn’t have talked about her marriage and say how happy they were the day before she filed for divorce and surprise her husband and not make the announcement the same time you have to make a trip out of the country and the day your mother is releasing her book and 3 weeks before you premiere a reality show that will chronicle you and your husbands crumbling marriage and not have and your mother go on never ending interviews. She made a mockery out of marriage and took it so lightly when so many gay americans are not allowed to wed.

Also if you are that devastated you should have cancelled your promo trip and hid at home instead of facing the media. Also why are you that devastated? She chose to walk away from a marriage after two months and never gave it a try. So stop the drama. I don’t feel bad that, I feel for her but I don’t feel any pity because it was an easy marriage to get out and she went into not being happy.

There is so many layers to the Kardashians the public will never know. They are all about being real and being open about their lives…but its a reality show and nothing is real, it’s called editing and scripted. This saying reminds me of them “Just because you something, it doesn’t make it true”. I also think that if Kris Humphries wasn’t jobless due to the NBA lock out she would have stuck around a little bit longer. It will be interesting to see what lies they come up next and how they will turn Kris into the bad guy.

(all about Kim!)

Kim is said to be distraught and shocked over the backlash of her divorce and can’t function so she had to cut her Australia trip short – probably after being told it was in poor taste to be making promo appearances and doing interviews by her crisis damage control publicist – they will do anything to try to figure out what the next step is to turn the backlash into a sympathy party and continue on with their media manipulation. I think she needs to go away, the Hollywood life has brought her nothing but luck, fame and fortune but not in her personal life. She is obviously insecure to be in that many relationships and still be hopeless in romance, getting all these plastic surgeries, changing her face and for having a constant need of attention. Kim doesn’t last in relationships, she has had so many failed ones that maybe it’s time to re-evaluate yourself and realize that chasing after fame is only hurting you. Life isn’t about business and money do something that makes you happy and really think about your life and what went wrong and learn from your mistakes instead of turning them into paychecks. Kim Kardashian lost sight of what is real, all the money and fame made her think that whatever she wants she can make happen. Its the power she has and hunger for fame she constantly craves, she wants a piece of real life so badly but she probably lost herself in the midst of everything. There comes a point where you have to stop the train your on and pull back and focus on whats real and stop being a facade on TV…money and fame doesn’t buy you happiness and that isn’t what life is about. There are many celebs who have fortune and fame and maintain a private normal life, it’s just not something the Kardashians believe in doing and this is a life they chose and it has worked because it brought them a shit load of money, massive fan base and a strong empire, they aren’t walking away from it so hopefully the media can push them away.

“Money isn’t real, it doesn’t matter it only seems like it does.”

The tabloids should also be ashamed, all that money they spent on someone’s wedding just for the exposure and sales could have gone to hospitals and charities.


Via Perez Hilton

Don’t believe the rumors!

Sources reveal EXCLUSIVELY to that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got the best wedding gift that any new couple could ask for: an even split of all the money they made off of it! It has been reported that the couple made close to $18 million for their wedding, so that’s nice, cool $9 mill each.



3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian: Selling your soul to the devil is not worth the price

  1. This was a really good interesting read! Thanks!:-) I’m fed up of her too she is obsessed with money, fame etc and used poor Kris now they are making Lamar look bad, guessing Khloe is out of work and hoping people will feel sorry for her so she get a gig! Someone please expose them! they are using people for their own personal gain then throwing them away when maybe they said they would expose them! How can Lamar been playing Basketball all these years only now apparently get found out for drugs! I don’t believe it for a minute! Fame whores they definitely are!

  2. Really nice article,its soo tru…I almst throw up wen I see them on screens,”the kardashans,the kardashans,check it out no one in d family have real talents xpt their deceased father who was a great lawyer,pls am african and makin cloths nd aving botiques doesn’t giv u fame its somthing a serz business minded person can do,I’d say hers took her to d next level becos she chose “fame” as her occupation well dats great bt pls can som other ppl be seen on E other than d kardashans,I dnt hate on them bt truly there’s more to life than just being on d tv screens nd tabloids all d time,I just feel 4 d men getting married 2 all of them realy,they av no status,they’r just their puppets,and as 4 kanye d guy is just an arrogant dickhead I guess they both deserv each oder…nd rob?wat does that one want 2 do with his life other dan lazy around nd reap 4rm his sisters nd mothers pockets nd scott.?scott ?I see he is now a scott kardashan,mabe it will be kanye kardashan next who knows?attention seeking whores evn d mother is d biggest whore of all times,becos she sees ppl r getting irritated watching their reality show,she decids 2 seperate 4rm her husband dat poor man,wat type of a woman nd a mother does that?nd y? Becos of fame?becos u want 2 revive ur dying fame?that’s ridiculus….not only americans r fed up watching d kardashans,we over here literally puke hearing their names,cos d so callled reality tv show isn’t real bt its scriptd,how can a camera folow me around 4 evry single comment I make?4 most part of my life?,den I’d totally fake my entire lyf 2 appear good in front of ppl nd tell dem 2 edit d parts I dnt wants dats crazy nd called joblessness nd u ppl choose 2 pay dem 4 dat?lol very funny,if I want 2 pea,the whole world knows,if I want 2 be wif my spouse d whole world knows,dats crazy pls kardashans stop ur reality shows nd stop forcing us down ur troaths!hollywood is too big there r so many talents 2 be heard tank you!arrrrghhh!

  3. Wat about God? Where is God in all these glit & glamour? Hollywood, it is nt all about money fame and power! Smbody brought u in2 dis world, u ar accountable 2 Him in everythin u do; & dat person is God. Stp thinkin about urself & wat u want 4 a moment. Think about God. Think about Heaven. Think about Jugdement. Think about Hell. They are real! More real than all ur diamonds, gold & silver. More real than all ur body exposing clothes and painted faces. America! Stp running after vanities & seek ur God b4 it is too late. Ur sons & daughters have sold their souls to Lucifer to acquire fame & fortune. U have crucified ur Lord & Saviour again & again. Repent wen there is still time, if not, u will wail & gnash ur teeth for all eternity. Ur diamonds, gold, silver, beautiful gowns, make-ups & fame will not save u from d anger of God. As for d Kardashians, my heart aches 4 them b/cos I knw dat it is only a deal wit Satan dat cn bring such fame nt dis God dat I knw. He wil never give u wealth dat wil push Him aside.

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