Song of the week

I am a huge Beyonce fan, she can do no wrong in my eyes..well she can in movies, she needs to just stick to music. My favorite album of hers is I Am…Sasha Fierce. I think it was a classic album and thought it would be very hard for her to top it. Her last album 4…I wasn’t to crazy about, there are several songs I love but overall it wasn’t her best album. It goes without out saying how amazing her voice is and always will sound but I didn’t like the direction of the album, even though I respect the growth and change in her music. Maybe I am being biased because of how much I love the I Am album.

My favorite song at the moment that I keep playing over and over again is Start Over. It gives me the chills.

The song is about starting the relationship over and getting back to being happy. She’s still in love but they’re constantly fighting all of the time and she’s tired of it. In the second verse she gives her ultimatum by stating that she’s not going to settle and that all of the silly fights need to end so they can get back on track, if not she’s leaving and for them to work on their relationship and start over to give it one more try before they stop holding on for something that is breaking.

I feel weak – we been here before,
‘Cause I feel we keep going back and forth…
Maybe it’s over, maybe we’re through,
But I honestly can say I still love you…

Maybe we reached the mountain peak, and there’s no more left to climb,
And maybe we lost the magic piece, and we’re both too blind to find…

Let’s start over – let’s give love their wings;
Let’s start over – stop fighting ’bout the same old thing…
Let’s start over – we can’t let our good love die;
Maybe we can start all over, give love another life

In the other hand, I also have a different feeling of the song. The song can be meaningful for either situation your going through. It’s that strong of a song.

It is one of the best songs I’ve heard about moving onfrom a relationship and love that is no good for either of you and giving yourself a chance to share your love with someone that is right for you. Give your love another life and don’t let it die being with someone that is not making you happy and not settling in life just because you love a person, leave if you aren’t happy.

I can see that we’re not happy here,
So why would we keep pretending, when there’s nothin’ there?
Maybe you like it – well, I don’t;
Maybe you settle – well, I won’t!

Maybe we reached the mountain peak, and there’s no more left to climb,
And maybe we lost that magic piece, and we’re both too blind to find



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