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I have been slacking with posting outfit pictures of myself. Truthfully, I rush in the morning to get dressed, and I rush home to get undressed! LOL It leaves me no time in between to snap photos and share a bit of my style. I’m going to work on it, though!

It’s easier to snap a quick photo of the accessories you are wearing! Again, I am sharing my favorite accessory boutique of mine They are the only boutique I rely on for all things accessories. I’ve mentioned so many times before how obsessed I am with layering clothes and jewelry, and getting a lot of use out of your pieces in different ways.

My quick go to look is a plain t-shirt rolled up sleeves with stacked up necklaces, leather jeans or a pair of all black jeans and ankle booties. There is a reason why it is called STATEMENT necklaces! The big silver statement necklace that you see all over instagram by Dylanlex is super expensive and I can’t afford to pay $900 for a necklace, so instead I tried to make my own by purchasing separate silver pieces from BiJuJu and wearing them together for less than $100. I have so many other silver necklaces that I implement but I usually stick with this ensemble.

You can get each necklace on their website BiJuJu and wear them separately or layer them with other necklaces to go for the chunky statement necklace vibe.

How to die for are these necklaces from Dylanlex?! I am hoping her collection will somehow go on a massive sale and drop the prices from $900 to $90!! LOL But in the meantime, I’ll keep trying to create my own version!


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