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My heart is heavy. I am confused, angry and sad to hear,watch and read about another death in the hands of a police officer. I have officers in my family  I have nothing but respect for these men and women but not all of them stay true to what their badge represents. I am having trouble understanding why so many African-Amercans are being targeted by officers, getting killed by them or found dead in cells while in the hands of police who are supposed to protect us. It doesn’t make sense.

I honestly cannot continue with this post, I wanted to share so many thoughts but I can’t muster up the strength to type it all. The recent death of SANDRA BLAND really disturb me and angers me. This woman was pulled over a traffic stop by failing to signal, how did it lead to her getting pulled out of her car and slammed by a police offer???? To only end up dead 3 days later! They are covering it as a suicide but I find it hard to believe a woman who was driving to a new town for a new job that she dreamed of would kill her self. Given her videos on her instagram she was a fighter who spoke up about police brutality and discussed her hopes for change in a world full of hate. She left a voice mail to a friend saying she was at a loss of words as to why she is in jail and has a $5,000 bail all over a traffic stop and shared that she spoke with a bail bondsman to get her out. Only to end up dead a day later and the death being twisted by the police station in Texas stating that she committed suicide by hanging herself with a garbage bag. We have all seen cells and there has never been a garbage can, everything is attached to the wall and there is nothing for inmates to have access to. Her cell was 5 foot by 7 and she is over 6 feet tall, how on earth can someone hang themselves??? Even if anyone tried to hang themselves with a garbage bag, the bag isn’t strong enough. And again, why would she kill herself?? Also she told her sister that she feels as though her shoulder is broken when they slammed her, how would someone with a hurt shoulder by able to tie bag over their neck and hang themselves?!? She is an activist, she was driving to a new city to start a new life. And I don’t understand why she was still in prison for 3 days over a traffic stop!!! Why was she in a jail cell??? If she did end up dying – maybe it due to her head being slammed by the officer and she received no medical help! While the officer was hitting her she told him “You slammed me. I can’t feel my arms. I have epilepsy you mother f***ker. I  hope you feel like a proud man.” And the cop responded with “Good”. And she thanked the bystander who recorded it as she was thrown in the cop car. The police can no longer get away with these deaths! We need answers, her family deserves justice and this doesn’t feel right. The cops in that Texas station are hiding the truth. I don’t believe she committed suicide after telling the officer she is going to take him to court. Maybe they were scared? Maybe they knew they are above the law and can get away with this and be done with it.

And the last thing, why is she laying down in her mug shot??? Why is their scotch tape holding her eye up!!!!???? Look at her skin! Her skin color looks lighter, because she has no oxygen. She looks lifeless! This mug shot hurts my soul. I can’t share anymore pics or share the videos, I am in pain over her death and her families loss. Please go on to Twitter and Instagram to see more of the beautiful Sandra Bland and read more about it. Social media is doing a better job in the investigation than the police is.

Had she been a white female would she still have gotten the same treatment????? Should I be thankful that as a white woman I would never have to deal with the brutality of police officers or be disgusted that this is the country we live in where racism still exists?? African Americans and Arabs continue to be labeled and targeted, call thugs or terrorists. But when it is is WHITE killer he gets called mentally ill, bullshit! And why was Dylan Roof who murdered 9 lives and shot fire in a black church given Burger King to eat??? He is a murdered and he is racist who committed  many despicable crimes. The media is no longer covering him and when they do there are excuses as to why he commuted such hate crimes. When Sandra Bland gets arrested over a traffic stop gets slammed by a male officer instead of having the luxury of burger king like a white male killer did? Or how about the two Muslim students who were shot dead in their apartment complex by a White man who was their neighbor, who targeted them over their religion, they never received justice instead the media made excuses for the killer stating he killed them over a parking dispute. They made it about a dispute and not about religion. And he wasn’t a terrorist because he is white and isn’t Muslim?? Or was he mentally ill and not a thug like Black men get labeled? I’ll stop now…

I pray this doesn’t lead to another riot. I pray she gets justice. I pray for a better world where you can be who you are, be any skin color, practice any religion and embrace your race without being killed over it.

Sandra Bland was standing up for her rights, she would have fought for her rights tooth and nail in court and she would have been the voice for injustice. (Given her messages on her social media) She was passionate about having a voice and making a change, her stance on justice and what is wrong and wrong got her over a mess with a cop who wasn’t doing what he was supposed to. How many cases do they have of cops killing people who didn’t harm them. This list is getting too big. We need to fight for Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Kindra Chapman, Freddie Gray and SO ON.

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