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Okay I kind of went a little over board with the pictures and there is still SO many to share but I settled for a few of my really favorite outfits. I find Ciara to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not only is she beautiful, can dance, sing but the girl can dress! I love that she switches up both her hair and clothing style often, she is daring and fearless when it comes to trying out new looks. It is no wonder why she is signed to a huge modeling agency and is the face of many designer names like Roberto Cavalli and Givenchy.

I love how she goes from glamour to street effortlessly. Not many girls can pull off having such a versatile style where it’s both feminine and tom-boyish. I always say less is more and simplicity is everything, it’s when you don’t try hard (like Kim Kardashian does) is when you look good. Ciara doesn’t try hard at all and it shows, it comes easy for her to always look so very well put together and effortless. I also love how her hair always goes with what she is wearing and she has a knack for getting it right with accessories, shoes and makeup. She gets it; she gets what fashion is about in all ways whether it’s the red carpet, out with her son or being seen out and about.

I love casual street style outfits more than anything. I love leather jeans with leather flat boots and a white tee with stacked up necklaces. I love leather jeans with a pair of heels and a blouse. Skinny jeans with an over sized top tucked in with your hair in a bun, or paired with a leather jacket and a fur vest. I also love all things denim – mostly denim on denim and denim with leather. I have such an obsession with putting together simple outfits and layering it with accessories or a jacket and I can always relate with Ciara’s great sense of style. She’s always looked good, but now more than ever, she is looking better than ever. Maybe it’s being a new mom and finding a new groove, but she is two-stepping into being a true style icon.

Ciara is my Woman Crush Wednesday and my style inspiration.

BTW – I liked the dreads on her a lot, and I am loving how she has kept her hair all black and long lately. It suits her so well! I actually saw her a few months ago on her album tour at the Filmore in Miami Beach, she sounded and looked amazing. She performed her biggest hits and new songs off her album. It was a very small venue and it wasn’t even sold out! The whole time I kept thinking if I were her I would be embarrassed! She is under-rated, for sure but it was still crazy to me that she couldn’t sell out a very small venue. She has the look and the talent to be bigger than she is. She is a young Janet Jackson but in a musical world where there is Beyonce and Rihanna dominating the charts and fans all over the world and being the only top two Queens of R&B music, there is little room for her to shine, and that’s why I think her making moves in the fashion industry is perfect for her, and it leaves her room to balance fashion, music, dancing, and modeling like no one else can.


She has been unlucky in love with relationships with Bow Wow who famously cheated on her and wrote a song about her ‘Outta My System’, a longtime relationship with 50 Cent that lasted a few years and although they were spotted together over the years their relationship was never confirmed and made public, she wrote “Sorry” about him, and then a short courtship with Amare Stoudemire who left her to get back together with his baby mama and now wife. Of course, her two year relationship with Future that resulted in a short engagement and an adorable son that didn’t end up in happily ever after that she planned for. They broke up when their baby was 3 months old after she caught him cheating – the rapper has 4 kids with 4 different baby mama’s, what else can you expect? Ciara is his 5th baby mother.

And now finally, it seems to be going well for her with a new relationship with super bowl champion Russell Wilson.  They look SO good together, don’t you love when a couple completes each other? I don’t get why everyone keeps saying their relationship is for publicity neither of them need it, and it doesn’t seem contrived to me. I hope they are a couple that lasts. It takes a special man to be with a woman and take on her child with another man. What I loved that I learned about Wilson is that he isn’t a typical play boy athlete, just like another sports superstar champion, NBA star Stephan Curry, they are religious and devout Christians, both married their high school sweethearts and both men saved themselves for marriage. Curry is still going strong with his long time love and they have two kids, and Wilson filed for divorce from his wife earlier this year, they had no kids. 

Same goes for yet another champion Lebron James – He married his beautiful high school love, Savannah James, they have three kids together and just like Steph Curry and his wife, she is the only woman he’s ever been in a relationship with. I love when I see athletes with their long time loves who were with them before their contracts, money and fame. Put aside whether they have been faithful to them or not, they grew up with their longtime partners and it’s sweet that these men can learn how to love the same woman over and over again. How amazing is it that men like Curry and Wilson waited to  have sex till marriage, very seldom do we find men who haven’t slept with over a dozen women! I mention it because Wilson was recently asked about his relationship with Ciara and shared that they are waiting to  have sex. Here is a newly divorced man who only ever had sex with his wife, and is powerful, rich, famous and handsome and is now free to let loose for the firs time in his life and be with as many women as he wants but chooses not too. Instead he still chooses to be a man of God and practice faith and being faithful, and breaking the mold of being a good man and setting a great example for young boys and men everywhere. He is too good to be true and truly the type of man every girl deserves and dreams off.

Russell Wilson on Ciara: “She was on tour and I was sitting in the dressing room looking at her and God spoke to me. [He said], ‘I need you to lead her. “I told her, ‘What would you do if we took all that ‘extra stuff’ [talking about sex] off the table and just did it Jesus’ way?’”. Ciara “completely agreed” with Wilson’s suggestion to refrain from sexual activity. He added, “If you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”

He admitted it’s a challenge to date one of the most beautiful women in show business and resist the constant urge to have a “body party.” “I need you to pray for us,” Wilson told the audience at The Rock Church. “If there’s a 10, she’s a 15. So I need y’all to pray for me to keep my mind and my heart clear.” The couple has been dating since late April, but Wilson confessed he had his sights set on her before they came face-to-face. “I told somebody that’s the girl I wanted to be with before I ever met her,” he revealed. “I said I’m probably going to end up with Ciara.”

Ciara on Russell: About the couple practicing abstinence, “It’s until the deal is sealed. Absolutely!”. “I think both of us look at each other and we’re like – whew! But we take it one day at a time and keep it going with each other, and I’m really enjoying every day that we’re sharing.” As for how she felt when Wilson told a room full of people about their sex life — or lack thereof — Ciara was unfazed. “It was an organic thing for him and I think he was just being honest about where we are,” she said. However, Ciara admits that it can get tough sometimes.



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