Decor: Naya Rivera

Exclusive: Inside Naya Rivera’s Graphic L.A. NurseryI’ve always had a passion for interior design and had so much fun designing my baby’s nursery. Find the full story on MyDomaine and take a peek into my home.

We all know Naya Rivera from Glee and from being engaged to rapper Big Sean and since the show has ended, her life has changed. She is now married to actor Ryan Dorsey and will be welcoming a baby boy this summer.I recently saw pictures of her inside her nursery and loved how she decorated and it made me want to look up her house. She has great taste in both fashion and decor. I ended up finding an article that Instyle magazine did on her as they took pictures inside her home and I also ended up finding the home online when it was reported that she had purchased it. I’ve included both set of photos – from the magazine of her house now, and her house then when it was listed.

So, two years ago bought this beautiful modern family home in Los Feliz. I always say that when I have my own family and buy a house, I don’t want it to be too big or too small instead I want a house to be traditional with a modern twist fit for a family with the pool and the white picket fence. This would be it! I really love this house it has a warm spacious yet cozy vibe to it. When you think of an all American family dream home, this house is it.

I don’t like BIG houses with so much space and too many features, I like a home to be simple, big enough for the size of your family with a few additions like a playroom, office and backyard for a barbeque, outdoor seating and pool. I’ve been to mansions where the houses may be beautiful but it doesn’t feel like a home inside, there are sooo much space that is wasted, too many rooms with no purpose, the kids aren’t running around since its so big they have to be supervised, it looks too perfect and it feels too cold. A home should feel welcoming with kids running around, with enough walls filled with family pictures not long hall ways and where you can hear when you call on one another from room to room and not have your voice echo.

Anyway, here is the article from InStyle magazine that was published last year:

In her spacious neo-colonial Los Angeles residence, Naya Rivera likes to play chief cook and party-thrower by welcoming friends and family alike into her neatly decorated space. “A house is a house, but family and friends make a house a home,” Rivera tells David Keeps in our June issue. The triple threat designed her home in harmony with the way she lives now—hosting lavish dinners, sunbathing by the pool, and baking sweets in her kitchen, but her light-filled abode is also in line with whatever the future may bring. “The previous owner lived here for 50 years, which I think is amazing,” she says. “This house has history, but it has been updated, so it’s light, open, and airy. It’s a real dream to live in and ideal for entertaining.”

The 27-year-old triple threat is best known as Glees Santana Lopez (a fan favorite!), the McKinley High mean-girl cheerleader who announced she’s a lesbian in the show’s third season and is now seeking stardom in New York City. Signed to Columbia Records, she has also released a sassy solo single, “Sorry,” which debuted in the iTunes Top 10 pop chart last fall.

Rivera enjoys living large in the three-story, five-bedroom hillside home in L.A. that she happened upon online, and recalls the days when her personal space was more limited. “When I got the part on Glee, I was 21. A roommate and I were sharing a 500-square-foot studio with a kitchenette and two twin-size beds,” she says. For decorating help, the actress enlisted HGTV alumnus Angelo Surmelis, who designed her previous residence in Beverly Hills as well as homes for Glee’s Dianna Agron and Lea Michele. With Rivera’s input, Surmelis created a space that is traditional with a touch of romance and modernity. “She wanted a blend of old and new, distressed and vintage, feminine and masculine,” Surmelis says.

With her ongoing recording sessions, dance rehearsals, and filming for Glee—which just ended its fifth season—Rivera rarely has time to sit still. Even after a long day on set, the hardworking actress often heads to her home office to enjoy the city and mountain views while mapping out an ambitious future, where she allows herself to get away from it all. “What does home mean to me? Peace,” Rivera says. “When I walk through the door, I let it all go.”

Naya Rivera



Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

The kitchen, with its white subway-tile backsplash and marble countertops, is where perfectionist Rivera enjoys some downtime. “I love baking,” she says. “You can finesse cooking, but with baking you have to be precise.”

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

Naya RiveraNaya Rivera

Tour Naya Rivera's graphic nursery

Tour Naya Rivera's graphic nursery

Tour Naya Rivera's graphic nursery

Tour Naya Rivera's graphic nursery

I love what she did to the house but I am not too crazy about the decor over all! There are some hit and misses. I really don’t like the wooden dining table, it doesn’t flow with the house and I don’t like how her bedroom is decorated. I assume she wanted to keep incorporate traditional furniture with modern, but I don’t think it was done the right way.The nursery is adorable I like the grey and white with touches of black color scheme but at the same there is a little too much going on. I dig the idea of having splashes of color however it is way too loud with all the patterns, textures and accessories. I like for a nursery to be calming and neutral with just a hint of pop of color to brighten the room.





More pictures of the house, as shown in the listing pictures that made Naya fall in love and buy her dream home!

Doesn’t the views make you feel like you are in Europe?!


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