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Like everyone else in the world I am sure you have an account and you are obsessed with Instagram! I have a private account and I recently created one to share my creativity and not selfies! LOL I have it so I can hopefully gain a following for my poetry and photography. I see so many people become famous/known authors, photographers, bloggers and models off instagram. It’s a huge platform with just a simple hashtag of random words that gets you noticed by millions of people worldwide. I just want to be able to get on that kind of level and have a big enough following that can hopefully garner support. Not just to boost up my confidence (let’s be real here) but to also get my work noticed by people who love poetry and can relate to what I feel or people who appreciate photography and want to share an image I captured. As a writer, it takes a lot of courage to reveal your work, especially poetry, because it is so personal but you do so in hopes to have someone connect to you, your words and emotions.

Eventually I want to self publish a book and I know instagram can help facilitate that goal in some way. I am inspired by poets like R.M Drake, for example, who no one knew, he was a poet and would share his work on Instagram, he managed to garner thousands of followers and it lead him to publish books and his quotes can be seen written on the pavements at Wynwood in Miami, and his beautiful poetry is constantly shared by fans like me, people worldwide and even in Hollywood where Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, to name just a few, occasionally post his poetry. He now has over a million followers on Instagram and he did it all without having a publisher. He is so talented and I know he will continue to flourish, and I appreciate that he made poetry popular again.

So I just started this account and I occasionally post pictures and/or poems. I hate hashtag-ing multiple words but I have to use it to get my work noticed. So if you are interested follow me @_therow_ šŸ™‚


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