Item of the week

Bijuju I’ve mentioned BiJuJu SO many times before as my go to boutique for all things accessories and I think it’s time for a new post about how amazing this company is! 🙂 I love everything about the company, the quality of their merchandises, the aesthetic of all of their boutiques and now that I am no longer living in South Carolina I still get to shop on their online store. Also, look out for their new store that is opening up in Atlanta! It’ll be their first store outside of North Carolina and South Carolina..won’t be long until they go nationwide!!

I am so obsessed with accessories! I go through phases where I am all about chunky earrings, stack up mix and matched bracelets, to statement necklaces and for the last few years I find myself only gravitating towards necklaces. I love to layer them and wear it as my pop of color in outfits.

Image 1

Here is this necklace I found on their website that I am in love with and buying! It’s the perfect statement necklace that can be worn in many ways. Throw it on with a white tee and leather jeans, or an all black ensemble for that pop for work or an event.

It’s called the Ana Luiza and it’s only $34!

I haven’t posted any outfit pictures lately but when I do, I always feature a BiJuJu accessory and I recently bought a few of their pieces that I must share with you all that I know you’ll love and will want to buy!


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