Decor: Jeff Lewis Designs

Before & After

So being obsessed with decor, home design and real estate, I am so disappointed in myself that I have never watched Flippin’ Out with Jeff Lewis!!!! I don’t know how or why I never got into it or bothered to watch it! Especially since I watch BRAVO 95% of the time due to the housewives. I finally caught an episode to see what it was about and I am now obsessed with the show, the house transformations and Jeff Lewis!  I am trying to see how I can catch up and watch every episode since season 1. I love Jeff’s aesthetic and his eye for making a home go from average to amazing. I wish I can work for him or be him!! The episode I watched was the one where he helped comedian Heather McDonald redecorate a few rooms in her house and I LOVE how he transformed the rooms by few changes that were not completely drastic. The layout of her house is nice and cozy, I love a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances and the new furniture made her house go from cute and cozy with ugly outdated furniture to chic, fabulous and timeless pieces of furniture. Jeff is brilliant and now an absolute favorite of mine and I love that his signature is grey paint.

Jeff’s own eccentric House

…which is now on the market for sale!

 A few more transformations from

Before and after of Mark Paul Gosselaar house


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