Checking in: Turks & Caicos Vacation

Checking in!

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Haven’t blogged in a bit. I have been so busy with work and traveling to Myrtle Beach to visit family two weeks ago and now just coming back from a wonderful vacation in Turks & Caicos! Have you ever been? If not, add that to your list of tropical destinations to visit. I have traveled to a few islands before; Barbados, Bahamas, Costa Rica and Nevis Island and never have I seen water as blue as I did when I was in Providenciales! The color of the water was indescribable. Even living in Miami and being surrounded by the beautiful bluest of blue ocean, I was just in awe by Turks. My eyes were glued to the scenery from the short flight, how beautiful the colors of the sea were and where the Caribbean sea meets the Atlantic ocean. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos from my seat! It’s a great place for relaxation and solely being active in the water, and nothing else. Some islands you visit you go dancing to the local bars and shopping in the local shops and you immerse yourself in the different cultures, but Turks is just different. In my opinion, it’s that one place you go to unwind and truly be carefree. Whether you are sipping drinks with your partner or playing in the water with your kids, there is no pressure to have to go here or there, or see this or that, you can just sit back never having to leave the hotel and just enjoy waking up to the beach.

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The island was really nice; I mean, once you visit one island, you’ve sort of seen them all. But Turks was a little more Americanized. I stayed at the Windsong Resort. The hotel was really nice but different, it had more of a cottage/condo feel rather than staying at a hotel. Honestly, the food sucked there. They don’t really do room service, which was super weird. They don’t have a big staff and the five days I was there, I saw the same exact people at the same spots, which was nice in a sense that you get to be friendly and familiar but, other than that, there wasn’t a staff to accommodate you in any other way you would need to, like typical hotels. I had a massage at the spa, and it was nice but I would skip that there. You don’t get the full spa treatment you normally would when you are in resorts. What I did like is that a lot of the water activities at the resort was complimentary. I was able to paddle board and kayak, which I’ve never done and always wanted to do. It was super hard and I had to be rescued when I paddle boarded because I drifted too far and couldn’t manage to direct myself back to the shore. The best part was the catamaran! It was a sick boat! For four hours we sailed away, we snorkeled in the middle of the ocean and saw the most beautiful fishes, it still amazes me what is under the sea and how beautiful it is. The first time I snorkeled off a boat was in Nevis and if it were up to me, I would do it every day! I am so fascinated of all things of the sea. We even saw a dolphin and I got to jump off the boat! One of the things I have always wanted to do is to jump off a yacht, so jumping off a catamaran wasn’t as daring but still exciting! Very exhilarating!

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Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg We visited Fish Fry festival, it takes place every Thursday evening on the island, it has all kinds of fried food, nick-knack shopping and entertainment. One night we had dinner at the beautiful Gansevoort hotel and another night we had dinner at the islands exclusive and popular CoCo Bistro, the outdoor restaurant surrounded by palm trees was beautiful and the food was delicious!

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All in all, the trip was beautiful and super relaxing. I am getting tired of visiting the Caribbeans. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I would be obsessed and planned our vacations around exploring different islands, but now that I live in Miami where it feels tropical and its warm all year long, I want to mix up my vacations to more out of the country destinations, such as Italy, Dubai, France and so on, think…sight-seeing, history and adventures!!

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Many summers ago in 2000, before smart phones and digital cameras, I lived in Egypt for the entire summer, three months was split in Cairo and Alexandria, and as I have gotten older I have always regretted not having taken any pictures. When I went to the Pyramids the driver said it was too hot to get outside and I only got to see it through the window! Its upsetting that I was right there and still didn’t get the chance to explore such a historical landmark. I’ve also visited my motherland Lebanon, several times but I’ve always gone when I was young, again, now that I am 25, I want to revisit since I will now appreciate my roots, and the beauty and history of the country. Isn’t it crazy how when you are young, you don’t really care where your parents take you on vacations!? You aren’t appreciating it because all you are consumed with is what you are missing back at home with friends. (till you get older and realize, friends ain’t shit and family time is everything!) Life was so much more simple and beautiful without being obsessed with our cell phones and having WIFI. I am guilty of having to take pictures of any and everywhere I am to capture the moments and the faces around me, while not really being in the moment. Every time I travel, whether it’s on vacation or visiting family in SC and NY, I come back with over 800 pictures on my cell and many apps deleted to make space, because I was too wrapped up in taking pictures and I get irritated every time…mainly because my macbook pro laptop is carrying over 13,000 pictures!!!  So, note to self: next vacation, leave the cell phone behind, and instead take a camera with you to capture your sightings, while being in the moment in a new environment and paying attention to what is around you rather than a phone that is constantly  in front of you, your new instagram picture can wait!!

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I’ll def will go back to Turks  & Caicos again, only because it is such a short flight and you can always make it a quick place to get away and treat yourself a little R&R. One island I do recommend visiting is the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis, St. Kitts. It is just to die for. From the ocean to mountains, to the yummy food to the culture, it is a little slice of heaven.

Have you ever been to Turks & Caicos? If so, what did you think about it? Any favorite vacations you’ve been on and loved, and want to go back again to relive??

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