Poem Of the Day

I built up these walls,
I built them up so I don’t ever bear the fall.
I started to build ‘em when I was young
Due to all the wars I have won.
I find myself alone the older I grow
All the feelings I never show…
So guarded, won’t let anyone in.
They are so tall; I don’t even know how to get out.
No one hears my silent shouts.
Screams of built up anger, all the tears shed screaming for help.
My walls are protecting me, however they destroy me.
I built up these walls.
My mind is a never ending walking hall way,
As I walk through my past that still stings in all the ways.
Sometimes I feel I am made of stone
Being strong is all I have ever known.
All the words I cling too
All the pain I held on too
All the voices I never listened too.
All the anger I never allowed myself to answer too
These walls, I built up so many walls…
No one calls, in a world this big, I feel so small.
I no longer crawl; it’s been a long fall
I haven’t hit the ground
I have saved myself from drowning,
I am still waiting to be homeward bound.
I built up these walls,
No one tries to get through,
All the chances I blew,
All the wishes I hoped would come true.
I built up all the walls, all these walls.
I trapped myself in these walls.
I shatter to avoid love; I break so I don’t let the pain through.
No one loves me…
They love the versions of me.
The versions I have spun for them,
The versions of me they have construed in their minds.
They love the easy versions when I am the one loving…
There are only parts of me to love.
Because of all these walls, no one can break through to me.
No one will learn to love me.

– I just finished up this small poem, I shared it on my poetry/writing tumblr. Hope you like!! http://rowanbayloun.tumblr.com/



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