Styled by Ro: Go With Black

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender1Hello there! I haven’t posted in a bit, been so crazed. So, being a Brooklyn transplant in Miami, I am not down with the year round heat. I love, love winter clothes! I know I sound insane, but I truly love layering clothes and I am a true New Yorker, and I just don’t like summer attire. With fall/winter clothing, you can play with colors, accessorize with hats and scarves and even layer your leather jackets with fur vests and have fun with boots; whether it is thigh high or ankle booties. Summer is just blah, you don’t have many options. So, today the weather is in the 80’s and I woke up in a bad mood, and I am always dressed in black but this time, I just wanted to feel fuzzy and as if I was back home. As simple as this outfit was, I actually loved it and got lots of compliments. I felt SO good on the outside, as I was feeling run down and achey on the inside. I find that when I am not thinking too much about what to wear and just go with the flow, I end up feeling the best in my outfit choices, whereas when I do try hard, I end up hating my outfit and feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

A plus is at my job it is always freezing, so I am able to pull off wearing light jackets and blazers at work. This outfit was perfect for a long day, I was super comfortable and still felt stylish in the most simplest way. And it’s also great for a casual lunch/dinner if you don’t want to be too dressed up. It is a great go-to. Well, isn’t black always the best go to choice?!? When in doubt, go with black.

What is your favorite go-to outfit? That makes you feel good while being very comfortable?

What I wore:

~ Collarless Crepe Trench Coat: Forever 21, $34.90

(they still have them! they fit and feel amazzzzzzzing!!!)

~ Boxy Split-Neck Blouse: Forever 21, $14.90

~ Curvy Skinny Jeans: The Loft, $70

~ Ankle Wedge Booties: Urban Outfitters, $90

~ Tassle necklace: BiJuJu, $12


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