Song of the Week


Did you all watch the Oscars last night? I skimmed through it. It was boring, to be quiet honest. Neil Patrick Harris was OK, not great, and all I kept thinking was bring back Ellen DeGeneres! The show was long, boring and awkward at times. And might I add, the skit with his predictions locked in a box…all I kept thinking was inside the brief case in the glass box is a note telling NPH not to do the bit about the brief case in the box. The acceptance speeches all hadĀ  a lot of great and powerful messages. My favorite line was Julienne Moore thanking her husband and telling him “Thank you for giving me a home.” had me in tears. Anyway, my favorite part of the night was John Legend and Common ‘s performance. My two favorite artists joined together and wrote a beautiful song for the movie SELMA. I was brought to tears and replayed it twice, and downloaded the song on iTunes quickly after. They both are such great examples and great leaders, they both have won numerous Grammy awards respectively, and recently won a Golden Globe and now an Oscar together for their song “GLORY”. SO happy for them, so very well deserved! And I loved their speech. You can tell they knew their win was a lot bigger than the both of them.

And since its Monday, my MCM goes to Common. The way he looks, the way he speaks and the way he carries himself is so intriguing and super sexy.



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