Photo of the day


I have always been obsessed with writing and photography. I believe I have a very creative mind and great visual ideas but I don’t have the right outlet or ever the right setting to make my ideas come to life. I can listen to a song and quickly envision and create a video to it in my head, when I am snapping pictures of someone, I am constantly telling them how to stand, how to pose and what to do so I can capture the image I have in mind. In fact, I have always wanted to be a creative director and work on videos and photography, but that dream of mine, along with plenty of others, won’t come true, but I can continue to snap photos of family and friends!

A friend of mine visited me over the summer, we were walking to the beach and I have wanted an under water camera for so long, so we stopped so I can finally buy one and she was the perfect model who listened and followed my instructions to get a good pic! LOL! Whenever I am swimming in the pool or beach, I always go to a floating position and I face the sky, sometimes my eyes are open and sometimes they aren’t – depending if it is very sunny or not, and I literally just say a prayer to God. It sounds so cheesy but I am just tremendously grateful for life, the bumpy road I was on and the path I am embarking on today. It has become a ritual for me when I am in the water to look up and say a prayer. Anyway, I wanted to capture a moment that I have when I am swimming, so I asked my friend to pose the way she was, and to look up with her eyes closed. I made the photo in black and white, and I absolutely love how the picture came out. She is such a beautiful woman and with a beautiful soul and no one else would have been able to help me capture a picture like this. So, I am thankful for her and this picture!

This is one of plenty of photos I have taken, I will share a snap of mine every week! Believe it or not, as much as I love photography, I don’t own a professional camera…yet. I never have the money to buy one, and I used to take pictures in a digital camera but now with an iPhone and apps with filters, taking pictures has become a lot easier and a lot more, since you can just whip out your phone and snap away!


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