Hit or Miss

Alexa Chung! I love her style. This is my go-to look for work, just tuck in a slouchy blouse with skinny jeans or pants and it makes for a great comfortable outfit. I am loving all white lately, and I actually like how minimal this look is with no accessories and just red lipstick. Her black and white flats look pretty cool too. As simple as this look is, it is truthfully the best kind of look, it is effortless and you can even do so much with an outfit styled like this by adding jackets/blazers, boots/flats/heels and necklaces.

Kim Kardashian-West, once a upon the girl used to be able to dress, now she just looks like she is trying wayyyyyyy to hard to be high fashion. It has always been a hit or a miss with her when it came to her wardrobe choices, but lately she has been having plenty of hot messes and misses. Since being with Kanye West she has revamped her look, and I am not quiet feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, there are times where I am obsessing over an outfit of hers but those times don’t come that often. Take this look for example, she wore a silk two piece set to a W magazine dinner. She is basically wearing silk pajamas that looks like she wears to sleep and around the house and thought it would make a cute outfit to wear outside the house, and it just doesn’t work. It could have had potential if she wore the robe as a dress without the pants with a sexy pair of pumps, but this is all shades of wrong.  Style should be effortless, and her style just screams “I am trying too hard”. My advice: Hire a new stylist, and stop taking fashion advice from Kanye.



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