Styled by Ro: Season Changes

FullSizeRender2FullSizeRenderI am such a New Yorker (Brooklyn born and raised), always will be, I love all things black, leather and fur. Moving to Miami was a huge adjustment wardrobe wise, I don’t care for summer clothing, never have, I wear an occasional maxi dress but always stick to jeans in the summers, I am just really mostly into layering pieces and obsessed with putting them together. But I’ve slowly been shopping for lighter clothing and getting used to no longer wearing winter/heavier items and layering as much I normally do. I just refuse to get rid of any of my faux furs!

The right picture: I wore a white vintage kimono, with a short black dress and gladiator heels. I was told by someone at work that my kimono looks like I am at a spa, but I didn’t care, I luved it! I love kimonos, you can layer them with anything and dress them up or down – with jeans and a fitted tank, or tight dress with wedges and so forth, and I like that I am seeing it become a major trend this season.

Vintage Kimono: From a vintage shop in NYC, & honestly, I took it from my cousin! LOL

Black Dress: HM, $22

Heels: Dolce Vita, $35 at Marshalls

The left picture: Told ya! I can’t steer clear too long from L&F (leather and fur; obsession is real). On one very rare chilly day in Miami, I whipped out this faux fur piece I had that I unhooked from a sweater. I love wearing it over a leather jacket. I wore black jeans, black booties, black top with the jacket with piece, I felt as though I was back home in NY and truly feeling like myself.

Faux Fur: Detached from a sweater from Forever 21, $26

Motorcycle Leather Jacket: Zara, $199

What season is more your style? Mine, is fall. I love layering scarves, jackets and knee high boots and wedge booties. I also love wearing cape jackets and fur vests over a leather or denim jacket. But my summer style is as simple as it gets, ripped jeans with white tops, or short dresses with gladiator sandals and/or flowy tops with skinny jeans, black jeans with black tank tops and motorbike boots. I am huge believer in less is more and I like to keep my outfits simple.


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