Ro: Recipe


Okay, so I am the worst cook…actually, I don’t know how to cook, so I can’t be the worst! LOL But I am starting to try! All I know how to make are salads, and barely at that! Some days they come out amaze and other times they don’t! LOL So, the other day I was craving a sandwich and wanted to make one that included avocados! I LOVE avocados, who doesn’t?! When I want a quick healthy meal, I cut up avocados, add salt, pepper and lots of lemon and voila! Try it! So, I bought a little toaster, whole grain bread and some of the makings of a healthy and light sandwich. I got the recipe from my cousin, and I added my own twist to it.

The sandwich tastes better than it looks, I am not a pro at blogging and I can’t make pictures appear insanely cool as others bloggers do! That takes a tremendous effort, and ain’t nobody got time for that!


Cut up avocado’s, add diced red opinions, sprinkle salt and pepper and add lots of lemon juice. Mix it up and slightly start mixing it all together. Don’t mash it too much like guacamole, but enough to be able to be able to spread it on the bread.

Spread it on the whole-grain toasted bread, add alfalfa sprouts, and then put on top of it a sliced tomato and on the other side of the bread, add two-three slices of pepper jack cheese. Put the two breads together, pat it down and then cut it in half! I like to have a side of ships with a sandwich, grab yourself a drink and get ready for dinner!

I hope I explained myself thoroughly. But the recipe is that simple! I never once ever thought I would be sharing a recipe of my own to anyone! LOL But I had to share this, it is super yummy and healthy. I’ve had it for dinner three days in a row! It takes less than 15 minutes to make, which is perfect after a long day of work. I am sure I could have taken better pictures, but I didn’t and didn’t even care too because I wanted to eat it as soon as I finished making it! Yummy in my tummy!

If you try this at home, let me know!! I promise it is so good, and if you don’t like pepper jack cheese, I would do it without the cheese and just have the avocado and alfalfa sprouts, with the tomato or without. Oh! And don’t judge, I know my bread is burnt a little, but this was my third attempt at toasting it and it kept burning so I just stopped caring and just ate it, lol and it didn’t even taste burnt at all! 🙂


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