Item of the Month!

'Marrakesh' Spiked Statement Necklace

‘Marrakesh’ Spiked Statement Necklace

If you go through my blog, you’ll find that I have been shopping at BiJuJu for years! They are hands down my absolute favorite accessory boutique, I have said it so many times and always put every on this amaze boutique! All my handbags, aside from my designer ones, are from there, to scarves, earrings and hats! It is an online store, along with 9 stores spread out in various shopping areas in South Carolina and North Carolina.



I am obsessed with all things accessories, especially necklaces. I love layering them and putting them on to spruce up a plain outfit – pretty  much, an all black outfit is my daily uniform – I recently bought this necklace and I am loving it! I have worn it in different ways, by itself and/or layered with other silver necklaces. All the accessories I wear are from them, I am a very loyal person in all ways and stick to what I like and used to. I highly suggest you head on to their website, and if you are located in SC and NC, visit one of their boutiques!

How much: $30 II Where:





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