Allow me to re-introduce myself!

I have not seriously blogged in so long! I’ve just keep doing random quick updates. When I started this blog some years ago, it was a fun outlet for me and great for passing time when I was a boring student/insurance agent. Now, being a blogger has become a full-time job and these chicks making money! Blogging has seriously taken over and it’s become a phenomenon now. Good for them! You can’t have a full-time job while keeping up with a blog, and taking pictures of every outfit you wear and detail every piece and so on. It’s a lot of work and patience! So I give these girls credit and props. As for me, I want to come back to this and sort of revamp my blog. I lost my core audience and truthfully, it isn’t about that, it never was, even if I am writing and talking to myself, it’s still fun for me to do this. Always has been. Also, wordpress keeps changing so much and I keep trying to keep up and learn how to navigate with all the changes! And truthfully, I wish I had a friend around me at all times to snap pictures of my outfits during my downtime, and for me to style them (obsessed with styling, and have always dreamed of being a stylist) and just do lots more and allow my creativity to shine but, again, I don’t have that time, even during my down time, with a demanding job at a TV station working in Sales Advertising and getting adjusted in this new town, Miami Beach, but I will try my best and share as much as I can!

I started this blog as a teenage girl in Brooklyn, going to school full-time and working a full-time insurance job, to moving to Myrtle Beach, SC to finish school, being on my own for the first time, and working three jobs to make ends meet, to now as a grown 25-year-old, living my dreams in Miami with a career job and cozy studio apartment. We have lots of catching up to do, and if you are new here to Damita Ro (oh, don’t ask me what Damita Ro means, I honestly came up with it years ago, was obsessed with that blog name, to now hating it! I don’t understand what it means and can’t explain it when asked! I want to be known as THE ROW, but it’s been taken! LOL) So, hi I am RO, aka THE ROW aka DAMITA RO, aka Rowan! 🙂 Oh! And I am writer/poet and started a tumblr blog a little while ago, I started this aside from my blog here, to motivate myself and to learn to be comfortable sharing my personal writings; basically a great way for me to open up to the idea of sharing my thoughts, so I can finally publish the book I’ve been working on.


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