Poem of the Day

I don’t like what I see…
I look in the mirror
and picture someone else that I wanna be.
Tell me, how to get rid of all these insecurities.
Show me, how to love myself unconditionally.
What do I have to be to be happy?
I try to be myself but my insecurities eat me alive.
I wish I had a beautiful smile.
Inside I am torn apart..
My body has to be a work of art,
but it’s not.
I try to fill the voids that I try to avoid.
I don’t have the perfect skin,
I try to love myself within.
I get anxiety when photos are taken of me
I swear my nerves can give me hives.
I know it can be annoying,
but it’s me, myself I am destroying.
I tell myself to just let it be.
I promise you, I try.
Compliments don’t mean a thing,
I appreciate them, but I can’t believe them.
The voices in my head takes over, and it stings.
I put up all those walls,
I’ll push you away before you get too close.
I can’t deal with someone looking at me,
Don’t point out my flaws, I plea.
But I know my heart is what is really beautiful.
My father should’ve been there to love me,
trust me, in every way, for a girl it is crucial.
Can you teach me how to open up to love,
when I never grew up with it?
I try to be the perfect daughter,
I would go to any length to prove myself worthy.
I think too much, don’t I?
I am terrified of letting anyone in.
I know when I love myself,
I’ll allow others to love me.
I know, I know. I am my own worst enemy.
I don’t like my nose,
I hate that I have the same pose.
I don’t know how to embrace
I hate the scar on my face.
I don’t like my eyes.
I hate I am not the perfect size.
I can go on, but I’ll be withdrawn.
I don’t like who I am,
I am not who I want to be.
I don’t like what I see,
pardon me for my honesty…
Rowan; @the__row

– Another recent poem of mine!!


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