Oye! I have been abandoning my blog! Between being in school full time and working two jobs, I no longer have the time to update and check out all the latest and greatest! But in my spare time I have started an Instagram and Twitter account for my photography and poetry! I’ll start back on this blog again! I always hated when my favorite bloggers would suddenly stop blogging after a while!

For now if interested in poetry and photography, check out:

my tumblr: http://www.rowanbayloun.tumblr.com

my instagram: @the__row

Here is one of my latest poems:

Don’t go, he whispered.
I can’t stay, I said.
If I stay here another minute,
I’ll fall more in love with you
And you’ll be gone by the time I fall apart.
And that’s not fair you know, it’s not fair that I give you my heart, and you always break it….

So don’t look back at me when I leave, I’ll be a crumbling fool who didn’t want your crumbs because it would mean I couldn’t have all of you.

And don’t touch me, okay? You can’t hold me and make the world stand still, and soon as you let go I’ll be feeling the earth shatter.

And please don’t say a word, I deserve your silence, because there is nothing left for you to say, and I don’t want to hang on to your words and be trapped wide awake having to replay it in my head over and over again.
It’s just not okay.

So go, just go on and let me go.
Unheld and unspoken too.
Don’t you dare give me something now, when I have had nothing of you and from you. I took what I could get from you, and you got to take me for a ride in your heartbreak train.
But I knew when my stop was before you got to tell me to get off.

So go to her, let her have it all, I’ll hold on to that piece of you I once had. And we’ll go our separate ways.
I’ll get lost some place and you’ll find yourself a new girl somewhere.
Eventually I’ll move on.

But you wanna know what hurts the most? I know soon as I leave, you will forget all about me.
-Rowan; @the__row






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