Thought of the day


I left. Leaving was so exhilarating. I know I can never go back. No, I can always go back home but I am not sure I want to. But then what? Do I just keep leaving places and leaving them, tramping on a perpetual journey? But isn’t that what people do in a disordered world? A world of freedom and choices: you leave town, disappear, make yourself over. What hides behind that impulse is the conviction that the life you have lived, the person you are, is valueless, better off abandoned, that running away is easier than trying to change things, that change itself is not possible. Brooklyn. Brooklyn was a dream. All the things that happened there just couldn’t happen. Or was it all real and true and was it that I, was just a dreamer? Free. I feel so free now, just like when I am swimming, it’s as if I can keep going and no one can stop me. I urge you to leave home, just disappear and make yourself over.


Photo of me – taken by my cousin!


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