Thought of the day


Kim Kardashian is engaged..again! To her baby daddy and self-proclaimed genius Kanye West.

This will be Kim’s third marriage and Kanye’s second engagement. Kimmy Kakes stays winning, she’s has had over 20 boyfriends in her life, became famous over a sex tape, has done numerous naked photo shoots and constantly puts up half naked pictures of herself on her Instagram and Twitter, had a quick marriage, got pregnant while she was legally still married to another guy, has paparazzi on speed dial and a tabloid magazine photographer travel with her everywhere she goes. These guys sure like to try to make a hoe into a housewife. Especially the same guy who hates the media and spazzes on the paparazzi, yet uses the paparrazi pictures on his social media accounts. And to the average young women with education, careers and your independence..don’t look for love from a holy respectful guy, those guys are loving them some hoes boo-boo.

The couple have been together just 18 months but have had a secret on and off relationship for years while both being in relationships. Kanye is ever the romantic, he proposed on her 33ed birthday at a football stadium in San Francisco with an orchestra playing Lana Del Ray‘s song Young and Beautiful, with the jumbatron spelling out “PLEEASEEEE MARRY MEEEE!!!” with all her family and friends in attendance. They are so private these two. The engagement ring was of course a very understated 15 carat diamond rock. Kanye was wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a naked Kim with the words “Yeezus” written on it. The couple have a four month old daughter named North West…can’t make this stuff up.



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