My Poem: You For me, Me For You.

hey you, you walking all alone.
trying to find where you belong, leaving home.
too soon, trying to run from all the glooms.
so brave, so young, so broken, yet so hopeful.
you don’t look for love, sometimes you question if love will ever find you
if it’s even meant for you.
how could someone so full of life, be filled with such emptiness.
feeling stuck, frozen in time
wondering what the future holds, how will it all unfold?
everyone around you is changing chapters,
while your head is still in the study books, with no pages of your own to turn.
your goals is all you are trying to capture, feeling the burn.

a girl like you is hard to find,
therefore no one cares to look for, right can they be so blind?
hearing all your girls talk about sex, love and relationships time and time again
seeing these guys run through them, over and over again.
when all you are trying to do is learn to sail your own ship,
looking for something deep in a sea,
could happiness and true love really be destined for me?
you’ve been hurt before, yeah you have.
they make it obvious your body is what they want,
the sex topic, it haunts makes you feel gaunt.
used to be ashamed, religion is not to be blamed.
it’s not about having that boyfriend
you feel is the one
it’s about choices, hearing the voices in your head.
never allowing anyone to force you or make you feel undone.
having a strong stance, as you look forward to your first dance.
it’s who you are, who you will be to someone else.
the choices you make, all your expectations no one can break.

you’ve been through it before, you sure have.
you need someone to kick it with,
not slap you like Mitch did.
you want someone to ride with,
grow something deep, spiritually and emotionally.
never been a girl to want love or be in and out of love,
as you get older, your heart gets less colder,
realizing at the end of the day, what you work hard for
won’t dry your eyes when you are struggling
with all that you are juggling,
everyone around you is happy, with wedding bells and babies
makes you want more to life,
when you are all alone paying the bills, wanting to run for the hills
makes you want to have some thrills.
but where is that man that will learn to love you without the physical
a respectful man, that isn’t so critical.
make me stop being so cynical.

all you have is loyalty,
treat everyone like royalty.
you don’t need someone to cheat on you like Jay did.
you deserve someone who will make it better with you,
not make things bitter for you.
they say they don’t make them like you.
if only they knew.
a lady with so much class, plus you have no sass.
you don’t ever get mad, so calm.
you come with peace, you are tranquility.
that one man, will be the only man.
oh man, won’t he know how lucky he is.
won’t he know it, besta not blow it.
you’ve saved your heart, body and soul
her first, his last.

she isn’t the typical Arabic girl who
wants to be rushed down the aisle,
let’s make it last a while.
in life, you gotta let things be.
it’s you, it’s you that will be the only man she’ll see.
could this really be? you are loving me for me?
as she walks down the altar, you will falter.
you and her, man and woman, husband and wife you two will be.
you were made for me.
she is traditional, longing for something unconditional.
no daddy around for this little girl
she’s become a young woman scorned, the past leaving her torn.
a little bit of daddy issues, no need for the tissues.
she’s so strong, went through several surgeries,
living on her own, working on her degrees.
all she has are her dreams, and some scars throughout her body.
the perfect girl on the inside, so flawed on the outside.

she is your companion, you are her champion.
she’s your pride, you be her joy.
she’s waited so long for you,
give her forever, is all you have to do.
lie to her..oh no, that you won’t do.
you’ll be in heaven, she’s an angel.
she’ll wash away all your sins.
and even when you feel the devils around you,
she’ll be the only light to surround you,
she’ll take all the blues away,
whisper to you, together it will all be okay.
she won’t count money for you, she’ll be making money with you.
while you a hustla, she’ll hustle too.
not the girl to be spoiled with all the materialistic things,
not for the bling, simplicity she’ll bring.
give her honesty, be filled with integrity.
play video games with you, she’ll let you win too.
she loves fashion, will help you find your passion
chill with her while both wearing sweats, no need to impress
take her to the movies, no need to butter her up.
the simple things in life, quiet nights after some adventurous days.
she’s too good to be true, you’ll be in a daze.
even when you have nothing, she’ll give you everything.

you had a past, she won’t ask.
sure its dirty, hers is so clean…
yet think how perfect your worlds collided would be.
you are the gun, she is your bullet.
without the trigger, nothing could be.
provide you stability, being truthful could that be your ability?
make a house into a home,
she’ll wait up for you when you are out with the guys,
never the one to chastise
as she waits for you alone, as you roam.
she’ll let you be, she knows just where you belong.
even when you make mistakes, even when your temper flares
she isn’t going anywhere.
in you, she loves, in us she trusts, in love we forgive.
all she has is her heart to give.
she won’t question your whereabouts, that’s not what love is about.

A young American Muslim girl with traditional values,
is so hard to be found, but she’s here always been around
being told how wrong her life was, yet her mother did everything right.
no man at home, but we weren’t wrecked.
mama raised us to be be ladies, ha tefham ya habibi.
the girls with the strict arab fathers were the lost ones
trying to find their freedom, no strong mothers to lead them.
who were sneaking out, with men they hid out.
as the other girls would explore, she’s been at home all along.
she’s done no wrong, as she writes her poems.
they see her her selfies, they think has that sex appeal
a girl can be considered sexy and still be holy.
oh, yes tell ’em how you feel.
she doesn’t wear a veil, still her skin is never to be seen.
sometimes, it’s the girls who wear the hijabs are the ones leaving their house who
end up taking it off and unbutton there blouse.
her curves, these guys only just wanted to bend them.
she never gave them any attention, she ignores the noise.
their intentions they try to conceal,
through their lies it gets revealed.
my, she has so much poise.

never been truly in love, learned the hard way
betrayal isn’t love, love doesn’t hurt.
no more excuses for abuses,
gotta believe not all of them just want that one thing,
they must get tired of the all the flings.
i know not all men cheat..
with the girls who allow his strong hand up their short skirts,
with the taste of all these favorable shots,
but none as sweet as her soul.
out in the clubs, drinking champagne for the pain,
trying to get a girl for the night to get laid
they don’t even put up a fight.
when you can have someone to fight with and for,
who will be there now and before.

hey, you..why do you get so high?
while you are always trying to balance out your lows..
she’ll be here to help you dodge all the blows.
look at you smoking weed, not going for what you need,
yet you stray when Ramadan comes,
don’t say you are a Muslim while you pretend, that I can’t apprehend.
don’t be hypocritical, it’s the same men who judge and believe
how an Arab girl should be,
are the ones chasing after the girls who are cheap.
and when a girl like she comes along, they don’t take that leap
they don’t want to see it.
they don’t want to believe it.
but not you, not you.
you saw me for me..
you were the moon, and i shined bright for you.
i don’t care who you used to be,
all i care is who you are with me
who we could be.
she knows there were many before her but no more
there she is, the only woman you adore,
the girl you always dreamed of, you are the one she tried to draw.

oh how pure she is,
there she’ll be someday in the white dress,
with her virginity and dignity, all yours to take, not to forsake.
her layers you will undress, all of her emotions she has repressed
all her walls you’ll break.
moment so sacred, in your arms she won’t be scared.
think about how special that night will be,
even more so for you than for she.
it’s what every man deserves too,
a girl giving her body and soul to just that one somebody,
and you’ll know, she chose you.
it’s just you, all for you.
that night she’ll become a woman,
a woman is made for a man, there she is..all yours, handle with care.
mistreat her, please don’t you dare.
she has morals, comes with values
still you can teach her a thing or two
this isn’t just anybody, she will be somebody.
trust me, the ones who feel unworthy are the most worthy.
just respect her, respect..respect her.
be like the father she never had, be the one to show her a man’s love.
what is a heaven without it’s dove?
show her a love big enough where..
she won’t have to learn how to love herself
protect her at night, comfort her through the days,
control her in all the ways,
everything she has is for you to take,
everything she is is for you to break.
guide her through the darkness, hold her hand as you walk down the streets.
she is all yours, as your wife most vulnerable under the sheets,
you two will make a life, maybe two or three.
oh, don’t forget she is Lebanese, they come so sweet.
hmm..wonder what you will be..perhaps a phalestine?
traditional girl in the most nontraditional world,
with you she’ll twirl, oh what a whirl.

hey you, no longer walking all alone,
in your heart is her home.
with you is where she will finally find where she belongs.
and on that wedding day,
she’ll say i do, with tears in her eyes you’ll try to dry
i wonder if your eyes are green or blue,
it took swimming through an ocean to find something so true.
you’ll say i do you look through her eyes
and when you do, you’ll see
it’s always been you.
she’s been yours even before you met her.
every time you would sleep, it was of you she was dreaming.
the stars aligned you and me.
remember you are the moon, every time you felt the darkness
she was the sun rising up again, shining just for you.
you are her first, meet your very last.
lets toast to us with a champagne glass.
there you are, she’s waited this long for you,
there she is, her mind, body and soul was made for you.


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