NYC Fashion Week: Ready to Wear 2014

Once fashion week kicks off, I wait patiently till its over so I can catch up with it at all once. I like to be overwhelmed while checking out my favorite designers. Every year I wait till Marchesa ends fashion week with a bang. I don’t start admiring and studying the runways and all the new designs till I see Marchesa first. It’s been a tradition and every year I am never ever disappointed.


Here are my favorite looks: I love how relaxed this collection is while still keeping the signature look with the beading, floral embroideries and chantilly laces. It’s effortless and sexy with the lace and edgy with the fringe. Avant-garde and timeless. I truly have a deep love for Marchesa, they leaves me speechless.












3 thoughts on “NYC Fashion Week: Ready to Wear 2014

    1. Hi! It was by H&M!! Probably can’t find it anymore, but check Forever21 or huge department stores like MACY’s they are guaranteed to have blazers in all colors! Hope I helped!

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