Song of the day

“Life I Know”

By, India Arie.

I have kept this secret
From myself for far too long
The truth is, I’m confused
about where I belong
I’m not a mother or a wife
And I’m living such a complicated life
And this is the life I know

My life is full
in some of the most important ways
the entity, in the core
at the end of everyday
I lock the door, turn out the lights
And I climb in bed
And it’s all alright
cuz this is the life I know

I cut the grass
take out the trash
and fill the gas
In this house
I am the mom, and the dad
What tomorrow brings
I do not know
yes, I know it’s unconventional
But, It’s the life I know

We all have a secret pain
We all have a tender place
We were born to learn more
and no I’m not meant to live alone
and this is the life I know

Yes, this is the life I know

All my friends
are having families of their own
I’m still waiting for
the perfect one to come
almost four decades in
if I’m blessed, then I’ve got five more to go
And this is the Life I know

Sometime it hurts like hell
but I walk away with a song
and a story to tell
and this is the life I know
Yes, this is the life I know

– Ah, I feel like this is exactly what I would have written in a journal! I completely connect to this song. This is the life I know, it’s lonely, confusing and the unknown is scary. You watch everyone around you move on with their lives and become something more, like mothers, wives or carry a title from their dream job. While you are still trying to find your way and figure out who you want to be and where you belong. I moved out at 22, just turned 24 so I have only been on my own for a short while but it has become so real that you get scared if this will be the rest of your life, alone and doing everything by yourself. This is the life I know, I learn and grow everyday and wait for whatever tomorrow will bring.  Life is full with school and work, you go home and you feel empty. No one to talk to, no one to sit with and no one to be with. Sometime it hurts, other times you wish this won’t be the only life you’ll know.
Thank you India.Arie for this!!!



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