Damita Ro: 4th Of July

ImageHappy belated July 4th everyone! My day consisted of watching everyone swim, drink and prep for the BBQ feast as I was waiting to go into work! To be honest, I would much rather be making money anyway! LOL!

I wore cut off denim shorts with lace leggings and studded ankle leather Steve Madden boots. I wore an over-sized t-shirt that was big enough too make as an off the shoulder (didn’t realize how huge this shirt was on me till now!), paired it with a fedora hat and finished my look with the best accessory, my patriotic American Flag scarf! I wear my pride!

I love a fedora hat with denim shorts and a shirt tucked in for the summer. It can go from wearing it with flip flops too wedges. It’s so classic and so chic.

What did you guys wear? I gotta admit, this look would have been cuter instead with a white tank top tucked in, shorts, the fedora hat and scarf with no leggings and no black but I had to wear black because I felt like it only looked right with the leggings. This was a new look for me; the shorts with the leggings trend!

T-Shirt: Target

Shorts: Gap

American Flag Scarf: BiJuJu

Fedora Hat: BiJuJu

Lace Leggings: H&M


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