Artist & Song of the day

No one really likes Kanye West as a person but you can’t not like his music. I am loving his new single off his new album. He has a knack of making new music and being very creative.

No one can deny the creative and marketing genius of Kanye West. I do like the meaning behind it – what he believes is modern day slavery — artists becoming slaves to corporations for the almighty dollar, people becoming slaves to materialistic things and weak-minded individuals becoming slaves to what society has deemed acceptable versus treading their own lane.

Buttttttt it’s also extremely hypocritical. He raps about how he’d “rather buy 80 gold chains and go ignant” and yet he feels that people are slaves to materialistic things? It’s like the pot calling kettle black! He is one of the most materialistic man and is with one of the most materialistic woman. His whole persona and music is based on being materialistic and talking about designer clothes, flashy cars, jewelry and money.  But hey! The song is good and I love how he is rapping to it. And how he released the single projected on buildings was pretty cooooool!


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