Damito Ro: Styled by Ro


I moved to Myrtle Beach from Brooklyn, NY exactly a year and a month ago! Time flies way too fast. I never went out in NYC – don’t ask me why..well I know why, but that’s another story – I now realize how much I was missing out on and how I paralyzed my youth! – so no surprise that last week was my first night out at the beach since I moved! Truthfully, I haven’t had the chance to make friends in a new city, I just have a few very close cousins of mine. My life consists of work and school only, hopefully soon I’ll be able to have friends and allow myself the chance to be young and live a little..Why do I always go off topic?!

I wanted a very clean and sleek look. I wore a long chiffon skirt with two slits on the side, tucked in a white strapless top and added a fur piece for a chic twist!

My make up came out SO good and I now realize the iPhone doesn’t capture the make up as good as a digital camera does. It was soft with a winged eye, lots of mascara that made my lashes look extremely long and it was completed with red lipstick. I had a really bad break out due to an allergic reaction and I literally piled on the foundation because of how bad my skin was! But I didn’t let it damper my spirit, as bad as my face was swollen, burning, itching and mouth felt numb I had to dress up and carry on! Thank goodness for makeup!!

I did my hair straight and sleeked it on the back pinning both sides.

I loved this look. I feel so good in it and it was just effortless. I am usually over the top with the accessories but lately I’ve been into a very sleek, sophisticated  and simple looks. I also really love anything that consists of fur and I have been obsessing over adding a fur scarf on one side of an outfit, it adds glamour and is so chic – depending on what you are wearing, of course!

I added a bright orange and red YSL clutch for a pop of color, I believe that you always have to make two statements in every outfit; a pop of color with the accessories or a clutch/shoes!

What do you guys think of this look? It was perfect for a girls night out – we went to a comedy club and club hopped at a fun strip called Broadway at the beach. The best part..I was super comfortable!

Skirt: Mango

Top: Bananna Republic

Accessories: BiJuJu

Wedges: Steve Madden

Fur Scarf: Forever 21

Clutch: YSL


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