I am that girl who is annoyingly insecure. I always hate how I look. I always hate taking pictures and never allow anyone to take pictures on their cameras, it has to be on mine. By the way, you can’t blame me for that..we all have that friend who loves to be snap happy and posts all the pictures on facebook with you looking horrible and no matter how many times you ask them to delete it they try to tell you you look good, they keep it up and you find yourself getting so mad by staring at the pictures and critique how horrible you look and sometimes they aren’t even in the picture themselves! Sheesh. Anyway, what I was trying to say I am not that type that loves taking pictures and I am sure as heck not photogenic. Once in a while I get a pretty decent picture after many attempts of snapping pictures, trying different poses and I only ever take pictures of myself when I have on make up and my hair is done. So, this has to be my favorite picture. My mom even has it framed in her office. I felt so good that night. My skin was so clear, I had just colored my hair with the ombre and had it curled and my make up came out so good. I think this was the best job I did on my mascara and I am convinced that I can’t get it like this again! I have also gotten so many questions and comments on HOW I applied my mascara from family and friends. I even had guys comment and ask if they are fake lashes. They aren’t. I actually just started learning how to use fake lashes, and I have to say…there is nothing like the real thing! So next week, I will be posting a how to on how to apply mascara by having them look long and thick!

Do you have a favorite make up moment? This is so simple and I have done dramatic make up looks before but I love how my skin was glowing, how light my make up was and how I made my eyes the main focus by keeping everything soft..other than the lashes, of course!

Stay tuned for my video..I am a very shy person but I think me putting it out there that I am going to do a video will make me actually do one and since so many people ask me about my mascara routine I feel like I just have to do it!

Sarah's eyelashes all macroed up!
Sarah’s eyelashes all macroed up! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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