Damita Ro: My Style


Another day, another black leather outfit! I admit, lately my outfit choices has been repetitive. I am always in need of comfort clothing since my days are non top for 16 hours straight. I find leather jeans or leggings to be so chic and regardless of how you look and feel or what top or shoes you are wearing with — whether it’s a sweater, plain t-shirt, heels or sneakers – it makes you feel stylish. They definitely have been my must have the past few months. For summer, I am thinking long chiffon skirts…but we’ll get to that in a few weeks! Also, black has been the color of choice for a while, especially now more than ever since I have gained weight. Plus, I am a born and raised New Yorker so black is just in our blood but living on the beach…people don’t understand the concept of a black outfit. They live by colors and I do add color with my accessories.

So recently, I wore a black peplum top, leather jeans and my newly obsessed sneaker wedges and added my pop of color with a red statement necklace. I am a fashionista on a budget!

Peplum Top – Target

Leather Jeans – AB by Allen Shwartz

Sneaker Wedges – Target

Necklace – BiJuJu


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