Quote of the day



Oh Brooklyn, how I miss you. I miss home SO much. There truly is no place like Brooklyn and no greater feeling of pride than being from NYC. One day, I will go back but I always felt like I didn’t belong in New York, as much as I was passionate about fashion and the city was the perfect place to make my dreams a reality. I just took advantage and never did anything until it was too late. I still don’t know where I belong, whole life I have been searching for something and I thought I would find it when I left home but I haven’t yet. I still don’t know where I belong or where I will end up. The unknown is scary but I know where ever I end up will be where I am meant to be. So I just have to roll with the tides and believe that wherever life is taking me now is to prepare me for what will come ahead.

This is from a book called Zaatar Diva by Suheir Hammad.

“We leave you in order to see your beauty from a distance, back home in instants we drop baggage and settle into our selves”


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