Damita Ro: My Style

photo (1)

My new style obsession at the moment is flannel shirt tied around the waist. The 90′s shirt-tied-around-waist craze is back and emerging as one of the hottest fads for the Spring and Summer. The revamped old school trend is becoming a street style favorite from rappers to stylists. It is a relaxed look, with a bit of a twist. A basic pair of jeans and top can start it off, move forward by wrapping the shirt around your waist and it’s an instant hit. Casual with a pair of sneakers or dressed up with a pair of heels..or both combined with wedge sneakers.

I wore mine recently with my wedge sneakers, black jeans and a black top. I have also been wearing it with t-shirts and leather jeans and I have also been tying denim over sized t-shirts and adding a leather jacket sometimes as well, I will post more outfits of it this week.

Accessories: BiJuJu

Jeans: GAP

Flannel shirt: H&M

Wedge Sneakers: Target

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy Damier 35

What do you guys think about this new trend craze?


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