Damita Ro: My Style

ace_party I am all about black, all the time! I love a pop of color with a black outfit but two weeks ago I had my nephew’s birthday party and I was in the mood for a fun bright outfit. So I paired my leather jeans with a neon yellow blouse and added a blue with hints of red necklace and finished off the look with my sneaker wedges.

photo (2)

This past year I have really been into leather jeans, fur and wedge sneakers. Each item offers style and comfort and I think they are key pieces for a simple yet effortless style.

Oh! Don’t mind my messy room! I am so OCD and when my room is a mess usually means I was stressed out and had NO time. My life right now doesn’t allow me any time aside from school and work and always being on the go!

My hair was styled down, this was the only picture I had of my full outfit.

Leather Jeans: Allen B Shwartz

Blouse: W from JC Penny

Tribal necklace: BiJuJu

Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverful MM

Shoes: Sneaker Wedge from Target

Leopard belt: Target



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