Video of the day


Holy shitballs! I still melt over Justin Timberlake it’s been 16 years and the little girl who crushed so hard on JT is still there. My life was all about NSYNC and Britney Spears back in the day. I’ll never forget my first NSYNC concert and how crazy I went. I literally cried the whole time especially when I became convinced that Justin locked eyes with me and pointed at me. Everyone thought I was crazy for believing that, how crazy are they?! In a stadium full of 50,000 people I knew in my heart he looked directly at m! LOL! And on my 16th birthday I spent the best hour at TRL with Justin co-hosting! He is the Elvis of my generation.

As we all know he stepped aside from music to focus on acting and other business ventures and he has now declared his much anticipated come back. I love love everything about the video. The world and his beloved fans have been ready and I just cannot wait to listen to his new music.

By the way, I have a strong feeling he might be a Super Bowl surprise….hmmm lets see.

2013 is already starting great for music, Justin, Britney Spear and Beyonce are all dropping new albums!

Are you just as excited as I am for Justin Timberlake’s musical return?




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