Song & Video of the Week

First, let me start with the video – how real, emotional and vulnerable it is. No make up, no acting…just singing her heart out and you can feel the pain behind the song and how deeply she is connecting to it. Now, about the song. It’s such a beautiful ballad. Regardless of her singing about being the other women in the man’s life, it’s still something a lot of women go through. A woman doesn’t choose to be “the other woman”, it takes two and it starts with the man. A married man who looks outside his marriage and starts an affair with another woman doesn’t tell the new woman he is married right off the bat. It takes a while for her to find out, while he has her falling in love with him as he lives a double life!  In the song she shows how sad and lonely she is and wanting something so badly that isn’t happening while promises are being made. The sad part is she is questioning why she can’t be the one to give him what he needs and begging him to stay with her and how happy she can make him. She’s wondering why he can’t just stay with her. He keeps going back to his wife after he’s with her. She feels as if she can’t give him what he needs and then in the end she finally just says to stay with his wife because he can’t give her what she needs. I also think what makes the song even better is the fact she gets the strength to leave, so often the other women stay in the situation, waiting and wishing for it to be over with so she can finally have what she wants regardless of what is at stake, like kids!. (Example LeAan Rimes) But what is important is when a woman knows her worth and finds the strength to walk away. I also find it interesting that she did it from the girlfriends perspective and not the wife’s.

“You keep tellin’ me, baby
There will come a time
when you leave her arms and forever be in mine
But I don’t think that’s the truth
And I don’t like being used, and I am tired of waiting.
It’s too much pain to have to bear
To love a man you have to share”

I’ve been cheated on and it hurts you to the core. You feel like you aren’t good enough and you question why and how you couldn’t make him happy. It hits your self esteem and leaves you with trust issues. It took me a long time for me to get over my previous relationship. It wasn’t just about the cheating, if he didn’t want to be with me anymore that was fine but the lies, the betrayal that comes with it is what hurt the most. Not only was I not worthy of the truth, I wasn’t even worthy of being told instead I found out about it online. There is just a lot to it – whether you are being cheated on or with. It’s equally hard because both are being deceived and both end up hurt.

What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!


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