Damita Ro to The Row

So I decided to change the blog name to The Row! Techincally, it has to be spelled Thee Row because The Row was taken, that one extra letter is bugging me! lol My name is Rowan and I have always wanted to name anything of mine The Row but Damita Ro came to me one day and I instantly fell in love with it and now I am tired of it! Besides, it had no meaning and everyone would always ask me what it meant and I never had an answer. The Row was just something I came up with when I was younger when I wanted my fashion line, I was ahead of time because now it is trademarked since Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have a fashion label with that name! Everyone calls me Ro and The Row has a nice ring to it and it means I am not a label that can be defined there are many sides to me and my style is versatile.


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