Video of the day

Everybody knows *Phadera Parks voice* that I am a huge Jennifer Lopez fan! I am a fan of her music, movies, fashion and as we all are jealous of her beauty! I think she has made great choices in her movies and music…and clearly the same doesn’t go for her love life. It seems like she loves being in a relationship and loves to be in love but she gets bored of men. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors but from what we know she has bounced from one relationship to the other, has never been alone and is now going through her third divorce. I liked her and Marc Anthony together and it was sad to see them split but I don’t think anyone was surprised of their divorce and of her being in a new relationship literally days after her split was made public. She is now with a 24 year old back up dancer named Casper Smart. She is 44 with 3 year old twins, three divorces and is now with someone 20 years younger and it just doesn’t seem right.

She has a new single out called Dance Again and I am obsessed with this song! Her video is sexy and typical of J.Lo but it’s a bit too much. I don’t know if I am old school or just out of touch however I understand what music videos are about but for me, I’ve grown up being a J.Lo fan and I have seen her do the half naked, raunchy videos for years but I look at her differently now as a mother and as a woman in her 40’s. I think there comes a time to grow up and grow out of having everything you do be too sexy.The video isn’t that bad, it’s a fun sexy music video full of dancing and she looks great as always but the way she is dancing so sexually with her new young boyfriend is just too much and she is still technically married. Some things should just not be done and kept private.It was almost as if you were watching a home made love video of them!

Regardless, the song is amaze-balls, the video is sexy and J.Lo and Pitbull should always do songs together! What do you think of the song and the video?


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