Review: The Game

I don’t know if any of you watch the show THE GAME, I was such a huge fan of the show and was one out of millions of fan that were upset when it cancelled…it was that kind of show that you were so emotionally invested in. It used to air on the CW network for three seasons until they cancelled it, because CW cancels everything that is good and no longer wanted sitcom shows so they cancelled The Game and Reba my two favorite shows! So when it cancelled millions of fans petitioned for the network to bring it back but BET picked it up instead! So finally after two years of the show being cancelled it comes back and low and behold…it wasn’t for the better. BET ruined the show, the story lines made no sense and the episodes were pointless. Even the acting got worse because the cast weren’t challenged anymore with horrible scripts and they were hiring celebs that didn’t know how to act when there are so many talented actors that are dying for a chance, the direction, the style and just about everything about this show was ruined and the show the fans had come to love and be invested in and awaited its return left us all disappointed. It’s now more of a reality TV show than a sitcom show, before it was heartbreaking scenes that had you relating and rooting for the relationship, used to love Melanie, Kelly and Tasha’s relationship – three women different walks of life and always sticking together and empowering one another, now it’s full of backstabbing, cattiness and dark scenes and hate to say it but they also made some characters ghetto! The characters personalities changed, before the show was comical, relatable and serious now it’s cold, pointless and cheapened. Before you were watching the real lives of football players, their wives/girlfriends and you got an inside look of their life and what the women go through to keep their relationship. It felt that real the way it was captured and how strong the scripts were. We laughed and cried all at the same time, now we are left wondering what are we watching. They are mixing professional athlete scandals and housewives reality show and it sold out. The storylines seem undeveloped and careless, like they don’t care what they are shooting and it is a bad representation of African Americans. Why portray them in a negative light?

I am the type of person that has to finish what they start. I am dedicated and loyal and I will continue to watch and hope it gets better, even though I know it won’t. I miss the chemistry the characters had because you forget it was acting but I am now curious to see where they are heading, what is going to happen and what are the pointless storylines leading up to!


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