Quote of the day


Nicole ” Snookie ” Polizzi is pregnant…that doesn’t even feel right saying it! Wow! That’s a shock, huh? Motherhood changes everyone and I am sure she will be a great mother and her life has changed no more fist pumping, getting drunk and acting crazy on TV…but at the end of the day, she is young, she signed up to do a fun show about young adults having fun at the Jersey Shore in the summers, it became a huge success and she made a ton of money out of it and has made smart business moves to make sure money will always be flowing in her bank. So she’s successful, has millions of dollars and is set to start a family and is now going to be a wife and mother, good for her.

One more thing, girls if Snookie can find a good guy, be in love, be engaged and have a baby than we ALL have hope!!

What do you guys think of a Snookie baby?? I can just sense that MTV has the rights to the baby already…reality TV shows documenting a baby shower, her delivery, the wedding special and a new newlywed show with Snookie and her soon to be husband. We are going to have a hell of a Snookie storm coming our way thanks to MTV.


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