Picture of the day


The super bowl was a month ago and as a New Yorker of course I was rooting for the GIANTS! I know I am late but I just came across these two pictures of Tom Brady on the field after the loss, I think the photographer captured great photos and it was a very powerful unforgettable moment and night for Brady, the pictures says a thousand words. He is just sitting there soaking everything in and watching the confetti fall down for the opposing team, feeling all sorts of disappointments and like a failure as he just sits there in the middle of it all and the other picture where the referee is offering his hand to help him get up and he wasn’t even moving, I saw it live and he literally just sat there and wasn’t moving for a few minutes and was left alone after the ref left with tears streaming down his face…anyway, the pictures are great.The Patriots VS Giants game was the first football game I watched from beginning to end and even though I hardly understood anything that was going on, it was a great game if I must say so! Haha


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