Baby News: Congrats to the Lachey’s!

(this picture is of them last week in Mexico when speculation started of her pregnancy) I chose this picture in particular because I am OBSESSED with the dress she has on!! I need to know who it is by, so if by chance anyone knows please let me know! I need it in my life!

Congratulations are in order for Mr. & Mrs. Lachey! Something is in the water because literally everyone is popping out babies this year! Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey, formally known as Vanessa Minnillo got married in July and have now announced that they are expecting their first baby at the end of the summer. They have been together for 6 years, Vanessa was Nick’s first and only relationship after his divorce from Jessica Simpson, who as you know struggled in love after their break up.

Fun fact: Nick and Vanessa met at a party once shortly after his divorce and adjusting to bachelor life and a few weeks later he asked if she could be in his music video for “Whats Left of Me”, that was the first song he wrote after they divorced, how he has nothing left of him, half the man he thought he could be and how it tears him apart that he couldn’t be the man for her and how brokenhearted he was, in the video Vanessa jokingly said “I will have all that is left of you Mr. Lachey.” Very sweet, you can watch the video of that underneath where he also mentions A LOT about being a father and saying “I can’t imagine a better day when the day comes that I am a father”, also check out their wedding special.

Vanessa’s twitter page writes “host by day, wife by night and wanna-be mommy all the time” and during their wedding special that aired a few months ago she revealed that she hasn’t spoken or seen her mother since she was 9 years old and how she is still hurting over her absence and said that she is still “sad, confused and emotional” about her mother abandoning her; her parents got divorced, her mother remarried shortly after her second marriage fell apart one day she dropped off Vanessa at her father’s house and told her ex-husband to keep her for now and she never came back for Vanessa. So sad! She is going to make a great mother, she knows what its like to not have a mother so that is what is going to make her that much better of a mother. I am so happy for her, I am sure having a family of her own is something she has always longed for and will make her complete. That’s how I feel and that is why I am eager to start my own family and want so badly to be a mother because I didn’t have my father and growing up with an absence of either parent is always damaging. You feel empty and you feel as though having a family and children of your own will put the pieces back together. I am also very happy for Nick because even when he was married to Jessica he always talked about starting a family and how he always dreamed of being a father.It’s nice to see how everyone is all so happy for Nick as well.When he announced the pregnancy on Live with Kelly, he said “I’ve had a chance to do a lot of great things in my career and my life but this is the one thing that, more than any other, I look forward to. The fact that it’s actually here, it’s very overwhelming.” and he also talked about how he is so excited for everything that is to come with the pregnancy, how he is enjoying every single thing about it and how he has waited for this moment for so long. So sweet! What a beautiful family they will make! She makes a really cute pregnant lady too!

Isn’t it ironic how Jessica Simpson and her two exes all three got engaged the same month (Nick got engaged in early November, a week later Jessica gets engaged) the men got married the following year while she was planning her wedding and supposed to wed till she got pregnant and didn’t want to be a pregnant bride, Tony Romo ‘s baby is due the same Jessica is as well and now Nick is going to have a baby shortly after Jessica gives birth! Nick and Jessica are going to be parents the same year and around the same time…cray cray! I’ve given up on hope for the two of them, we all loved these two together but I think Nick and Vanessa look SO beautiful together, both brunette and pretty. They are a favorite couple of mine. They truly make a perfect looking couple and so does Jessica with her fiance Eric Johnson, both blonde and pretty, they look like Barbie and Ken! They each make a better match with who they are with now, again the irony!

Extra — I love this special Nick Lachey did to promote his album after their divorce. A must see in its entirety.


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